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Reader Success Story: A Weekend in Vegas for $7.47

One of the things I love most about 10xT is hearing some of the amazing successes that my readers have been able to accomplish.

Today’s story was of particular interest to me because it involved one of my favorite weekend destinations on the planet. Las Vegas.

Long time 10xT reader Todd Garrison just got back from a weekend in Sin City that cost him a whopping $7.47. Here’s how he did it, in his own words.

Todd Garrison Hard Rock


Vegas for $7.47? With a free flight on a Boeing 737? 

At first I thought it would be impossible, but I just returned from 4 nights and 3 days in Sin City that set me back less than $10.

I knew I would be in for a treat, but was surprised when my entire hotel bill ended up being less than the price of an inexpensive cocktail (which come to think of it does not exist in Vegas).  The bill included the room rate, taxes, resort fees, more than half of my meals, and a sizeable number of my drinks.

I used my Barclays Arrival Plus card to book the room. It’s one of the cards that offers travel statement credits as rewards. As Bryce suggested, I took full advantage of that by charging my meals and drinks to the room so the credits would cover those too.  Great idea! 

Todd Crushing It

Of course even the amazing Bryce couldn’t cover my gambling losses….but those were certainly easier to stomach when the rest of my trip was free.

Thanks to Bryce I have also been able to earn the coveted Southwest Companion Pass as of this past March with the help of good timing and meeting the stringent requirements. All without flying a single mile on Southwest Airlines! 

I had a terrific trip to Seattle over the summer and will be returning to Las Vegas early next year, all with free Southwest miles and the Companion Pass.

After reading his book, I have had the unique experience of working personally with Bryce over the past year.  I am an inveterate traveler (business and personal) but thanks to Bryce I have been able to experience much more with my personal travel for much less hassle and cost.

An initial concern that I had regarding this activity was the strong belief that opening too many credit cards at once can adversely affect your credit score. I can tell you that in my personal experience, this was not the case.

In fact, my already high credit score remained steady before climbing even higher in the last couple of months!

Todds Credit Score

What sets Bryce apart from others in this industry and hobby is that he is a true consultant who understands and has passion for the business.  The best thing that you can do is to listen to him when he gives you the answer to a question and follow his advice because he knows the subject matter very well.

So adventurous travelers, my advice is to take a leap of faith, and “Takeoff!”

Todd W. Garrison

Chicago, IL

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