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Reader Success Story – Family Trips to Australia, Florida, and Canada for Next to Nothing

Hi Travel Junkies,

I love unapologetically bragging about how awesome my readers are.

And one of the ways I do this is by sharing reader success stories, which allows you to see just how powerful points/miles can be (and provides a blueprint for you to create a similar trip).

Today’s reader success story is of particular interest just because of the sheer amount of cheap travel that Leah and her family were able to book.

Over the last 12 months they have traveled to South Florida and Australia and already have another trip booked to spend a couple days in Canada. All for pennies on the dollar.

And today Leah is going to tell you how they did it.

Take it away, Leah.


Leah and her family in Sydney, Australia

The best thing about the points/miles hobby is that once you “get it” everything seems to fit together nicely.

Your view of how credit cards, frequent flyer miles, and other types of points all work completely shifts and you start to see opportunities everywhere.

That’s exactly what happened for me just a few months after I discovered Bryce’s blog, His site has been a source of constant information for me, and I’ve been able to use his user-friendly step-by-step breakdowns to plan a number of family vacations for next to nothing.

Let’s start with our trip to Fort Myers, Florida.

After reading Bryce’s article about the Southwest Companion Pass my husband and I decided to try to earn one. My husband is self-employed so we opted to get both the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card, which were each offering a bonus of 50,000 Southwest Miles at the time. Continue Reading


How to Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Fly to Hawaii

Hi Travel Junkies,

Those of you who have joined my Insider’s mailing list know that the very first task I ask you to complete is to pick a dream destination and write it down.

Those of you who haven’t joined yet are missing out on some of my best material. No worries, you can join here:

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Tired of paying too much to travel? Get my step-by-step guide on how to travel the world for next to nothing.


I also ask my new readers to share their dream destination with me so that I can provide a few tips to help make it happen.

Their most popular choice?

Hawaii, and it’s not even close.


Hanging out in Maui

At any given time there are at least a dozen 10xT readers in America’s 50th state.

(Keep an eye out next time you’re there. They’ll be the ones asking the hotel to split their bill across 4 different cards to maximize their points haul)

For many people, Hawaii is the ideal vacation destination.

Unfortunately, Hawaii can feel more like a dream then an attainable vacation spot (cue coins clinking into a piggy bank).

Which is why I am going to take some time over the next few weeks to bring Hawaii back on the map for you.

No, I’m not going to go into detail about what volcano to visit, what sunscreen to use, or even what hotel I recommend (though I am a big fan of the Andaz Maui)… we can get into all of that later. Continue Reading


Introducing the Newest Member of the 10xT Team: Luke Sims!

Hi Travel Junkies,

Today I am very proud to announce the addition of a new (and very talented) member of the 10xT team, Luke Sims!

Luke’s official title will be “Travel Guru/Contributor” (I love letting people create their own titles), which means he will be sharing amazing content on 10xT as well as helping all of you make your travel dreams become travel realities.

Here is what he has to say, in his own words

Luke Sims

Hey Travel Junkies,

My name is Luke and I’m addicted to travel hacking. I was baptized into the game when Bryce helped me put together an incredible – and completely free – honeymoon back in September, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Continue Reading

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Reader Success Story: Thailand for Next to Nothing

One of the things I love most about 10xT is getting to see some of the amazing trips that my readers have been able to put together.

I share these with all of you from time to time for 3 reasons:

  1. Many of you like to use these stories as a blueprint for your own future travels (today’s story is a prime example of that)
  2. It’s great to see specific examples of just how valuable points/miles can be
  3. Let’s be honest, I love unapologetically bragging about how amazing all of you are

Today I want to introduce you to longtime 10xT reader Chris, who read about my trip to Thailand last summer and was inspired to put together a similar vacation for him and his girlfriend.

Take it away Chris.


Thailand Tiger

My trip started simply enough, I wanted to go to Thailand.

So what would you do if you wanted to go to Thailand but didn’t want to spend $10,000 doing it? You google “Cheap Trips to Thailand”.

After sifting through the normal BS, I stumbled upon a link to Bryce’s overview of how he used points to book a $28,000+ trip to Thailand for ~$300.

I was obviously a bit skeptical, it seemed a bit overwhelming. But I decided to email Bryce anyway.

Worth a shot right?

Bryce was gracious enough to hop on the phone with me and walk me through a step-by-step plan of which points I would need, how I could go about earning them, and he helped me map out the trip (I basically wanted the same trip as him). Continue Reading