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Credit Card Showdown: Chase Sapphire Preferred vs Citi Premier

By: Carly Helfand 0

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Citi Premier Card have a lot in common: With sizable welcome bonuses, good returns on spending, transferable points, and manageable annual fees, they’re both excellent starter cards for points-and-miles beginners. But which one is best suited to your particular travel goals, lifestyle, and spending habits? Answering that question […]

Best Ways to Learn a New Language Before That Next Trip

By: Charlie Lewis 2

With so many things to do during your typical, everyday life, it often seems like there isn’t any time to anything new—much less to learn a new language before heading off to another country. You may have well-intended to learn a few key phrases before your trip but found yourself wheels-up before managing to download […]

Team Piece: How We’d Use the Chase Sapphire Preferred Bonus

By: Spencer Howard 2

We all love earning points and miles, but if you don’t know what to do with them, there isn’t much point in getting them! Since the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the most popular choices for folks just starting their points journey, we wanted to share how 10xTravel team members would utilize the […]

What’s In Our Wallets: Digital Nomad Style

By: Charlie Lewis 0

One of my favorite ways to learn more about other frequent travelers – and to learn new tricks – is to find out which cards other travelers carry in their wallets. While I have quite a few credit cards, there’s just a small number that I keep in my wallet for regular use. These are […]

10 Travel-Inspired Hobbies You Can Start While You’re Stuck Inside

By: Carly Helfand 1

With travel on pause and lots of us facing down extra free time indoors, now is pretty much the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. And where better to look for inspiration than your past travels? Chances are, you can find something that not only brings back fond memories of a past trip, […]

Introducing 10xMoney, Our New (and Free) Personal Finance Course!

By: Bryce Conway 0

Hi Travel Junkies, If Michael Jordan were writing this post he would simply tell you that “it’s live”. (The Last Dance, a documentary about his 90’s Chicago Bulls teams, is absolutely worth a watch btw) The “it” being the new personal finance course that we have been building over the past few months, which we […]

Team Piece: How You’d Use 100K Alaska Miles

By: Travis Cormier 3

Alaska miles aren’t the easiest to earn but they pack a serious punch with some great partner airlines. Whether you’re looking for an economy flight, an international business class flight or even an international first class flight, Alaska MileagePlan provides some great options. To earn Alaska miles, you can use a co-branded Alaska card issued […]

10 Alternatives to Airbnb for Vacation Rentals

By: Charlie Lewis 3

Airbnb is one of the premier household names in sharing-economy accommodations, but it certainly is not your only option. Regardless of how you feel about Airbnb — staunchly against, neutral, or here for it — it’s always good practice to shop around and suss out your options before booking your stay. None of us are […]

Complete Guide to Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits and Perks

By: Anna Zaks 1

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the most popular travel credit cards and it’s the best card for anyone who’s new to the world of travel rewards. The card offers a good earning structure, comes with a very generous welcome bonus and has excellent travel benefits – all for a very reasonable $95 […]

How to Access Airport Lounges

By: Charlie Lewis 2

I am, habitually, a booker of long layovers. Even though my personal probability of missing a flight or connection is somewhere around 2%, that’s still too high for me and I generally do whatever I can to plan for delays in advance. Because of this, I don’t book flights with layovers of less than an […]