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The 5 Worst Ways to Redeem Your Points and Miles

By: Bryce Conway 0

So I thought about making a BuzzFeed-Style title for today’s post. Here were a few ideas: The 5 Worst Ways to Redeem Your Points and Miles (You’ll Never Believe #4) He Tried to Redeem His Miles for What?? Man Tries to Buy a TV with Miles. What Happens Next Will Amaze You! Don’t those titles […]

How to Book a $5,816 European Getaway for $219

By: Bryce Conway 9

I have always been perplexed by the idea of “window shopping”.

I hate shopping as it is, but shopping with no intent of buying anything?  I’d rather play tetherball with hive of angry bees.

My one exception to this rule however is with travel itineraries. I LOVE putting together ridiculous itineraries to see where my points can take me. It’s become a sort of game for me and I’m getting pretty good at it (I also do this for clients as part of my Award Booking Services).

We Were Just On ABC’s Good Morning America

By: Bryce Conway 0

Last Friday my story with Rebecca Jarvis aired on Good Morning America to millions of viewers across the country. This is the third time that it has been run on ABC now and I am incredibly grateful for their support. To those of you who are new to the site, welcome to Get Free Flights […]

This Post Will Save You Up To $3,500 in Free Travel via Southwest

By: Bryce Conway 2

Yesterday I introduced you to what I believe is the most lucrative travel hacking opportunity on the market, the Southwest Companion Pass. [Click here to read our in-depth post “The Ultimate Guide to the Southwest Companion Pass” now] Today, I’m going to cut straight to the chase. I’m going to show you how the Companion […]

What is the Most Lucrative Travel Hack on the Market?

By: Megan Heister 2

One of the more frequent questions that I am asked goes something like this: “Hi Bryce. I understand the basics of travel hacking but don’t care to spend a lot of time keeping up with everything. Assuming I just want to dip my toe in the water, what is the single best travel hack that […]

Guest Post: Pura Vida – A Recap of My Vacation to Costa Rica

By: Bryce Conway 1

A couple months ago I introduced you to one of my first consulting clients, Nathan, and invited him to tell you about his first couple months of travel hacking (which included a $102 round-trip flight to London). Many of you told me that you wanted to see more posts like Nathan’s in the future so […]

Can I Get Your Feedback? (Plus My First Ever Giveaway)

By: Bryce Conway 2

On Tuesday I asked you to come up with a few ideas on how I can make your life easier. Many of you sent me your thoughts right away, and I thank you for that. Here are a few of the highlights: “You could post more examples of trips you have done and how you […]

I Deleted 2 Months of Work On My Book (And it wasn’t an Accident)

By: Bryce Conway 1

Have you ever met someone who was just plain awful at receiving criticism? No matter what you tell them, or how clearly you explain something, they always seem to have some sort of excuse why they are right and everyone else is wrong. You know the type. These are the loud, egotistical, overly-defensive folks who […]

Why You Should Ditch Your Debit Card

By: Bryce Conway 0

I was in line at Starbucks this morning to pick up my morning coffee when I decided to indulge in one of my more recent miles/points habits. I admit that..

Get Free Flights on ABC Nightline and ABC World News!

By: Bryce Conway 0

Last week I had the opportunity to share my story with millions of viewers of ABC Nightline News and ABC World News as I was challenged to travel from New York to Florida without spending a dime. Take a look at the video to see what happens. Here’s the article: