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10X Reader Success Story – Hotel and Flight to Thailand for $72.80

Thailand Beach

I love unapologetically bragging about some of the amazing successes that many of readers are having.

Some of you are absolutely killing it with free travel, and you deserve to have your stories shared with the world.

“G” is one such reader. He bought my book about 1 year ago (before it was free – thank you advertisers) and hit the ground running.

Last month he booked the trip of his dreams to Chiang Mai, Thailand for less than he spent on his bar tab last weekend.

G was able to book this amazing itinerary using just 3 credit card bonuses (Chase Sapphire Preferred, United MileagePlus Explorer, and Starwood Preferred Guest) and a little bit of manufactured spending.

All told it took about 6 months to accomplish.

Take it away, G.

Tell us how you got started with points and miles. When did you decide to give it a try and what was the tipping point for your decision?

I got started because I wanted to travel to Southeast Asia and had no idea how I was going to pay for it. I started researching how to do this and found Bryce.  I reached out to him and he was very approachable and receptive.  He made me feel at ease and that I could really venture down this path and achieve success.  The tipping point for me was the enthusiasm Bryce had and encouragement he showed to me.

Did you have any reservations before getting started? What were they?

Absolutely.  Could I really do it?  Is it as simple as it seemed? Was Bryce a for real person or was there some hidden bait-and-switch somewhere down the line?  When I realized this really costs nothing to get started and the potential I could obtain from doing this it was easy. And man, I’m so glad I started!

What has been the hardest part so far?

Getting started.  That was the hardest part.

How much time do you spend on this hobby? And how much money have you paid out of pocket?

About 10 hours/month.

Money paid out of pocket?

Reading + change of mindset + taking the appropriate action = $0

Now for the fun part, tell us about that awesome trip you just booked! 

I first started applying these concepts when I went to Iceland.  I used a technique to pay for a portion of my hotel with the help of Bryce but things really got hot when mentioned I wanted to go to Thailand!

It seriously tickles the hell out of me when I think of this upcoming trip.

In less than a year I gained enough points to book a business class ticket from the US to Japan and then onto Thailand and an economy return flight from Thailand to China and back to the states for the astronomical price of $72.80!  Yes, that’s right – $72.80!

My 4.5 star hotel stay for 6 days while I will be in Thailand comes to the ridiculous price of $0!!  Yep, you read that right…FREE!

Oh, and most of the travel related expenses such as airlines, hotels, airline flights I take, campgrounds, car rentals, cruise lines, trains, buses, taxis, limousines and ferries can be charged off with other points I’ve earned!  This really is something!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

This is not a difficult thing to do.  It really isn’t.  If you can read and follow instructions you too can travel and fly to Thailand, China or Florida if you want for free.  I can’t believe I waited this long to get started in this miles and points world.  Bryce is a very cool character; down to Earth, helpful and quite knowledgeable.  You would do yourself a serious disservice by not getting into this and following his guidance.

Screenshots below..

G Itinerary Screenshot

G Itinerary Fees


G Hotel Stay


G Hotel Itinerary

Happy Travels,


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