Free Wealth Management

Let me ask you a simple question.

How much time do you spend managing your finances? Just the basic stuff – checking account balances, monitoring investment performance, paying bills, etc.

If it’s more than 5 minutes per day, it’s too long. And I can help.

Introducing, Personal Capital.


Personal Capital is perhaps the most sophisticated financial tool on the web and it is entirely free to use. They have over 1 million users, track more than $100 billion in assets, and are poised to completely change the way that people manage their money.

I’ve used Personal Capital for quite some time now and I couldn’t be happier with their product.

Here’s what I love about Personal Capital:

1) Personal Capital is Incredibly Simple

Before Personal Capital I used to spend 10+ minutes a day logging in to all of my different banking, investment, and retirement accounts just to feel like I was “caught up” on where I stand financially. My finances were all over the place and lacked any sort of organization.

Personal Capital completely eliminated that problem by aggregating all of my financial data in one place, allowing me to see a complete view of my finances on one screen.


2) Investment Portfolio Analysis

Everyone has a different risk tolerance, from simply protecting assets to targeting aggressive growth. I lean more toward the latter.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are on, Personal Capital can help show you a snapshot of all your assets across multiple brokerage firms and provide recommendations to help balance your portfolio to meet your investment goals.



Personal Capital also provides tools such as their 401k fee analyzer, which shows you exactly how much you are paying per year in fees and what that means for your investments long term.


3) Net Worth Tracker

I used to have to use an excel spreadsheet to track my net worth, manually updating every single account to arrive at my final number.

Now Personal Capital does this for me, automatically, every single time I log in.


I also receive a convenient weekly email from Personal Capital which updates me on my investment performance, change in net worth, and provides other helpful financial insights that are tailored specifically for my needs.

4) Cash Flow Management

In addition to being able to see my net worth every time I log in, Personal Capital also allows me to monitor my cash flow by tracking my monthly income and expenses.

Making it incredibly easy to stick to a budget and see where my money is going each and every month.


I can even see a list of transactions across all of my accounts in one place, which is great for people like me who use a variety of different credit cards.


5) Retirement Planning

And finally, Personal Capital has what I believe to be the best retirement calculator/model on the web.

No more meeting with financial advisors or using clunky models to determine your retirement date. Personal Capital runs more than 5,000 simulations at the click of a button to tell you exactly where you stand and what you can do to better prepare to retire.


Bottom Line:

Staying on top of your finances doesn’t have to be complicated (or expensive).

Sign up for Personal Capital today for free. I promise it will be the best financial decision you’ll make this year.


Happy Travels,