What Are You Waiting For?

I get about a dozen emails a week that sound just like this:

Sara Travel Hacking

I respond to every single one of them with the same answer.

Sara Travel Hacking

More than 90% of the responses are “none” or “I haven’t started yet”.

Make no mistake, I love helping people travel to their dream destinations for next to nothing. But reading responses like this make me want to throw my laptop across the room.

So in an effort to save myself the frustration (and the broken laptops), I am going to shoot straight with you today.

If you have any interest in traveling for free, you need to start travel hacking right now.

Not when you “have more time”.

Not when your friends call and want to book a spontaneous weekend getaway.

And definitely not one month before you want to take an international trip.

Right now. Here’s why.

Earning enough points/miles for a free trip can take weeks or even months for most people. This is especially true when you are using some of the more common earning methods like credit card signups or manufactured spending.

And even after your points/miles hit your account you still have to find availability to use them for your trip. There are only so many award seats on each flight and believe it or not, you’re not the only person who wants to travel to Europe this summer.

As a general rule, it is best to start planning your trip at LEAST 6 months before your departure. 9 months would be even better and 12+ months would be ideal.

Planning ahead will help you get results like this and this. It will also afford you the ability to book spontaneous getaways using all of the points/miles that you have accrued.

Be honest with yourself. You came to my website because you want to learn how to travel for next to nothing. I’ll even help you get started with a free consultation.

What are you waiting for?


Happy Travels,



P.S. While I certainly can’t get you a free trip, I can still show you how to save a few hundred bucks on last minute bookings. Shoot me an email if you want to learn how.

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