One of the more frequent questions that I am asked goes something like this:

“Hi Bryce. I understand the basics of travel hacking but don’t care to spend a lot of time keeping up with everything. Assuming I just want to dip my toe in the water, what is the single best travel hack that I can do?”

If I was an hourly consultant I would say “it depends”, and put together a 100 page report that covers every possible option (billing you the entire time of course).

But as you know I prefer to keep things simple and get straight to the point. So here’s my answer.

The single-most lucrative travel hacking opportunity available is the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass is a pass that is given to a Southwest Rapid Rewards member who earns a specific number of points in a calendar year. Companion pass holders can bring a companion for FREE on EVERY Southwest flight that they take for the life of the companion pass. The only out of pocket expense is a $2.50 tax for each segment.

I have a Companion Pass and I use it every chance I get. In fact, I just used it last week to take my wife to Disneyworld. I had to go to Orlando for a conference anyway so I figured why not.

But that’s not all. I’ve already booked trips to Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Punta Cana, and Chicago that all have a companion pass attached to them. Paying for those 7 flights with cash would have cost well over $2,500. My flights were booked for free with points, bringing the total savings to somewhere around $5,000 this summer alone.

So how can you get one of these coveted Companion Passes so that you too can start taking your friends all over the country?

It’s pretty simple, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to learn how.

For today, I want you to tell me how you would use a Companion Pass if you had one. Where would you go? Who would you take?


Happy Travels,


P.S.  If you want to get a head start on earning a companion pass of your own, download my FREE EBook and start earning today.