What Is the Chase 5/24 Rule and How Does It Impact You?

By Spencer Howard 

We receive hundreds of questions every day, but some questions repeat themselves so often that we know we need to dedicate some time to it. With that in mind, we wanted to address one of the most common:

“What is 5/24?”

No, it’s not May 24th. It is actually one of the most discussed topics in the miles and points community. It refers to Chase’s rule (guideline?) that anyone who has opened five credit cards in the previous 24 months may not open Chase credit cards.

This can be tremendously frustrating for responsible credit users who want to utilize the perks of various credit cards.

Let’s dig in and see how we should handle things with this in mind.

5/24 Credit Cards


What Cards Are Included in Your 5/24 Count

We often see confusion regarding which cards count according to Chase. Many assume that this means five Chase cards when, in fact, it means cards from any bank are included in the count.

If you have opened cards with American Express, Citi, Barclaycard, Capital One, Discover, etc. They count.

Remember that: Credit cards from all banks count toward 5/24. Continue Reading


How I Did It: $35,619 Honeymoon in Thailand for $914.60

Hey team, Curtis here.

Earlier this year, I got married to my beautiful wife Nicole and went on the honeymoon of a lifetime. It was a two-week vacation to Phuket/Chiang Mai, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan. Needless to say, it was amazing and simply wouldn’t have been possible without the power of points and miles.

I want to share my experience so you can see how this is also possible for you.

All you need is a little planning, a decent credit score (680+), a little help from the 10xT community, and you can literally save thousands of dollars on travel.

Nicole and Curtis Riding Elephants

Not going to lie – I copied a lot of Bryce’s honeymoon route because it was awesome. (plus, the fact that he got a $28,000 trip for only $326 didn’t hurt)

(Side note: if you’re just starting to think about your honeymoon, check out 7 Tips For Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination)

There are 3 key points to remember:

  1. Start planning and earning early and you’ll have more options
  2. Let your travel goals determine which cards, and in what order, are necessary
  3. If you can dream up a trip, this approach can get you there


The Honeymoon

First, here’s a quick rundown of our honeymoon:

  • Cleveland to Chicago O’Hare
  • Chicago O’Hare to Phuket, Thailand
  • Westin Siray Bay Resort – Phuket, Thailand
  • Phuket, Thailand to Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Le Meridien – Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan
  • Park Hyatt – Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo, Japan to Cleveland

Ok, let’s jump into the good stuff.

Continue Reading


7 Tips for Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

Luke Sims – 10xTravel Contributor

About a year ago my fiancé summoned me to the dreary wedding planning dungeon and placed a task on me so heavy my knees nearly buckled at the weight, “plan our honeymoon.”

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s how I remember it. I was 22, so I hadn’t traveled much and I certainly had no experience figuring out what were the top priorities to consider for the most important trip of our lives (let’s be honest, sex was the only priority I could think of).

Choosing our destination was the first step. So, like with everything I do in life (even choosing the right bug spray) I started with an absurd amount of research.

I spent weeks drowning in “top 10 honeymoon” lists and rather unhelpful advice from family and friends. What I discovered is that there is plenty of information out there about what destinations are most visited for honeymoons and what spots have the most romantic views, but there is little about how to choose the right one for you.

Couple in white relax on a tropical beach at Maldives

So, I’ve developed a list of tips to ease your pain. This won’t be a step-by-step manual that leads you to the perfect destination. But, in a sea of unhelpful honeymoon information, I hope these tips simply help you narrow it down. (And I’ll sprinkle in some points/miles advise as a bonus)

Let’s face it, your honeymoon is a big damn deal and those U.S News Travel top 10 lists just aren’t cutting it. Continue Reading


Introducing 10xT’s New Editor-in-Chief – Spencer Howard

Happy Friday Travel Junkies,

Today I want to take a moment to introduce you to 10xTravel’s new Editor-in-Chief, Spencer Howard!

Spencer Howard

Spencer is a veteran of the points and miles world and an expert on all things travel. He has been with us at 10xT for a few months already and has been a hit with our growing number of readers.

From this point forward Spencer will be overseeing all of the written content published on 10xT in addition to helping all of you with award bookings, travel recommendations, and any general questions that you may have.

You can reach Spencer by email at Please join me in congratulating Spencer on his new role!

Happy Travels,




How to Get More Excitement Out of Your Next Vacation

Do you remember how you felt as a kid when you got a new toy?

I know I certainly do.

I don’t remember every experience, of course, but I do remember that feeling of unbridled excitement. The world just seems a bit brighter when you opened the wrapping and saw something so new. Your mind ran with ideas of how you would play and your creativity flowed without limits.

Little boy with wooden airplane in the field

But day by day that excitement waned. The toy became just another meaningless object in your endless box of toys and you were on to the next new thing.

The same phenomenon occurs when traveling.

Most travelers could experience this new excitement every single trip, but they don’t realize it. Every year they go to the same place, stay in the same hotel (even the exact room) and call it a “vacation”.

This is the old way of thinking about traveling. Choosing what is known and safe over adventure and excitement.

I want to encourage you to do the opposite.

Why? Continue Reading

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Reader Success Story: A Trip to Bucharest for Next to Nothing

Hi Travel Junkies,

Today I want to introduce you to longtime 10xT reader Jarrod, who is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps based out of greater Washington, DC. Jarrod has really taken well to the points/miles game and just got back from Bucharest, where his wife was able to visit him on deployment using points and miles.

So I invited him to come on to the blog and tell you how he did it. Take it away, Jarrod.


While I was deployed to Romania for 9 months, my wife and I knew that she would come to visit. The only problem? How to pay for it all without fronting the money.

The solution? Bryce Conway and his 10xTravel tips! How I did it: Continue Reading


Part 3: The Best Business Credit Cards on the Market

Spencer Howard – 10xTravel Contributor 

Disclosure: We receive compensation from some links that are on this site. We appreciate your support.

In Part 2 of our Introduction to Small Business Cards series, we discussed some perks that business cards can provide. You can check out Part 2 here.

If you missed Part 1, we covered who is eligible for business cards. Click here to find out if you can get a business card to boost your miles and points.

Now, let’s get to the fun part! What Card Should You Choose?

Working At Office

Now that you’ve discovered you are eligible for a small business card, you’ll need to figure out which card (or cards) will get you on your way to some amazing travel experiences.

Here are some of our top choices. Continue Reading


The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is Live!

Hi Travel Junkies,

The Chase Sapphire Reserve application is now publicly available!

The Sapphire Reserve is arguably the greatest travel credit card we have ever seen and I plan on getting one myself. Here’s why you should consider it too:

Chase Sapphire Reserve:

  • 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points (worth $1,500 when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards) after you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months (valued at ~$1,500)
  • $450 annual fee
  • $300 annual travel credit
  • $100 Global Entry credit
  • Complimentary access to over 900 airport lounges
  • 3 points per $1 spend on travel and restaurants, 1 point per $1 on all else.

Personally I would value the 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points closer to $2,000 thanks to the ability to transfer them to Chase’s many travel partners (Southwest, United, Hyatt, Marriott, etc.). But even redeeming them through The Ultimate Rewards portal will get you at least $1,500 of travel.

The $300 annual travel credit is also an amazing perk because it can be used for travel purchases such as airfare and hotels. This certainly makes the $450 annual fee a little more bearable.

Bottom line, this card is an absolute must for any travel enthusiast.

Happy Travels,



Part 2: Small Business Credit Card Perks – Bringing Corporate Perks to Your Business

Spencer Howard – 10xTravel Contributor

Disclosure: We receive compensation from some links that are on this site. We appreciate your support.

When we last spoke, we explored who is eligible for a small business credit card. If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the basics to help you get started.

Small Business Credit Cards

Points and Perks

Small business credit cards provide a great opportunity to utilize different bonus categories and enjoy a few other perks that can save you money or make your travel experience just a little bit better.

There are a number of possible bonus categories depending on the card you choose. Some of the categories include:

  • Airfare
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Office supply stores
  • Shipping
  • Telecommunications (hello, cell phone bills!)

With categories like these, small business cards will not only help you keep your business expenses separate, but also earn you some serious points you can use to travel.

But what about the perks?! Continue Reading


New Card Alert: Chase Sapphire Reserve

Spencer Howard – 10xTravel Contributor 

Just when the summer credit card season was feeling a little dull, Chase swoops in with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

This card has the potential to be a strong choice for earning Ultimate Rewards points and enjoying some massive benefits.

Airport Lounges

What We Know:

Thanks to a leaked application today, we are able to share some details about what to expect from the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Several lucky folks were able to apply and be approved today but you will be able to get this card on August 21. Continue Reading