Award Booking Service

Booking flights with your points & miles can be hard. Our award booking service makes it easy.

So sit back, relax, and let our experts do all of the work for you.

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We charge a $50 non-refundable fee to initiate the search process. If we don’t find flights that match your search parameters, you won’t owe anything more.

If we do, the majority* of successful roundtrip searches cost:

– $150 for the first passenger
– $125 for each additional passenger

*Complicated bookings (3+ destinations) are priced individually depending on the complexity.

Award Booking Request Form

How It Works

Step 1

Fill out the form and press Submit.

Step 2

We will reach out to you via email to collect a few more details.

We will make sure we are on the same page and offer our suggestions based on years of experience to help guide the search in a way that will increase the chances of a successful award search.

Step 3

Kick back and relax; we’ll send you award options to choose from!

If we fail to meet the terms set in the previous step, you owe nothing more!

Step 4

We book the award for you.

Unless you’d like to book it yourself, in which case we’ll send you step by step instructions on how to book it.

Step 5

You pay us by credit card…

…only after we find the award space that meets your goals.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ

No. You are required to pay if the mutually agreeable parameters for payment in the first email are met.

That means if we find an award that meets your requirements, you must pay even if you change your mind and decide not to book. But if we do not find an award that meets the terms we set in the beginning of our communication, then you do not have to pay the closing fee.

Awards are generally only bookable 11 months in advance.

The $50 to pay for the effort of the search, which is labor intensive even if we’re not successful.

First, check your spam folder as occasionally emails from us may end up there.

We strive to answer requests very quickly. In rare cases, one slips through the cracks. If you haven’t heard from us in 48 hours, reply to the confirmation email you got.

The average price is $275 for a two person booking ($150 for the first passenger, and an additional $125 for every other passenger).

Itineraries that are more complicated due to multiple destinations, or that require more than one award because of the miles you have or the route you want to take, can cost more.

The final price will be agreed upon in advance by email before we begin searching.

You will receive an invoice via email that is payable with a credit card. Cash and checks are not accepted forms of payment.

This is a tricky question, as it depends on so many variables such as what points you have, where you're looking to travel, and the class of service you want to travel in.

In general, for transcontinental flights, you'll need at least 40,000 in the same account each way for economy, 60,000 or more for business class, and 100,000 or more for first class per person.

These amounts will vary depending on your destination and with what points you have. Some destinations will require more, while others will require less.

Remember, not all points are transferrable to all partners, and not all points transfer the same. Having 120,000 Marriott points, for example, means you would only have about 50,000 airline miles to use.

Be aware that there is often a fee to combine points if your points are split between multiple people. Again, this varies depending on the type of points that you have.