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How to Book a $5,816 European Getaway for $219

I have always been perplexed by the idea of “window shopping”.

I hate shopping as it is, but shopping with no intent of buying anything?  I’d rather play tetherball with hive of angry bees.

My one exception to this rule however is with travel itineraries. I LOVE putting together ridiculous itineraries to see where my points can take me. It’s become a sort of game for me and I’m getting pretty good at it (I also do this for clients as part of my Award Booking Services just contact me here).

I typically don’t share these itineraries with anyone but I figured that I would post one from time to time to show you just how lucrative travel hacking can be.

Today’s itinerary would allow you to fly Business Class from the US, to London, to Rome, and back to the US for just $219.60 out of pocket, a savings of $5,597. Take a look.


As you can see, this itinerary can be booked for just 87,500 Miles and $219.60 in taxes and fees. That’s an absolute steal for a multi-destination flight to Europe with Business Class tickets most of the way.

And because United Airlines uses a zone-based pricing model, this itinerary could work for just about any origin or destination in North America.

It would cost more than $5,800 to buy this ticket with cash, meaning that you can save ~$5,600 by earning the required 87,500 United Miles.

So how do you earn 87,500 United Miles?

Next week I’ll tell you exactly how you can do this without spending a dime, but I’ll only be sharing my answer with members of my mailing list.

So if you’re ready to stop dreaming about that next vacation and start making it happen, you might want to join today.


Happy Travels,



P.S. I’m currently somewhere over West Virginia on my way to Washington D.C. My wife is flying with me absolutely free thanks to my Southwest Companion Pass.

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