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October 2014


GetFreeFlights on

Unless you are new to using the internet then you are probably familiar with More than 40 million people visit their site every month to read expert generated content on everything from legal issues to laundry soap.

So when they called me last month and asked if I would be willing to come to New York and shoot a few videos on travel tips, the decision was an easy one.

Bryce shooting with

All told we filmed more than 30 videos on a variety of different travel topics.  The crew was fantastic to work with and we were able to finish the shoot in just one day.

Here are a few of my favorites: Continue Reading


5 “Red Flag” Credit Card Questions (With a Dash of Dad Humor)

Traveling can be a bit monotonous sometimes. So I like to break it up the monotony with a little bit of lame humor. Here is a recent exchange that I had at a car rental agency:

Rental Car Agent:  “That’s everything! Do you have any questions before you go?”

Bryce:  “Actually yeah, how fast does this car go from 0-60pm”?

Rental Car Agent: “…..uh?”

Bryce:  “Just kidding. But on a serious note, does your insurance cover drag racing accidents”

Rental Car Agent:  “Have a safe trip sir…” (Rolls eyes while handing me the keys)

Bryce:  “Hopefully safer than my last rental….”


I’m still a few years short of 30 and already I’m beginning to appreciate the power of Dad humor. My kids are going to hate me. Continue Reading