We’ve trained our AI-powered language model on every piece of content found on 10xtravel.com to help you answer all of your points & miles questions.

Simply type out your questions in a normal, conversational way. The chatbot can answer follow up questions, direct you to relevant content to learn more, and continually learn based on your feedback.

A Few Other Things to Know:

  1. Please be sure to rate your conversations by clicking the thumbs up/thumbs down button on the top right of the screen, as this will help the chatbot to improve its functionality.
  2. We encourage you not to trust any definitive answers given by the chatbot without verifying them via another source.
  3. Please be aware of the fact that your conversations with the chatbot are not private. We review select chat logs and your feedback to make improvements to this tool on a regular basis.
  4. This chatbot has been trained exclusively on the material published on 10xtravel.com. It cannot answer general questions that are beyond the scope of the content found on this website.