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December 2015

Capital One Venture Card Review

How to Make Sure Your Miles/Points Never Expire

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Hi Travel Junkies,

Have you ever found yourself sprawled out on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, binge watching a show on Netflix for hours on end?

You tell yourself you’re only going to watch one more episode, then another, and before you know it you look up to see the dreaded “are you still watching?” message?

Dont You Have Things To Do

As if Netflix is asking you, “Haven’t you had enough for one day, Bryce?”

So you think about all the things you really should be doing instead of watching Netflix, feel guilty for about 2 minutes, then pick up the remote and continue watching.

Be honest, you know you’ve been there. I know I have (Damn you, House of Cards).

Luckily, one click of the button resets the clock and let’s slip back to your usual Sunday afternoon Netflix coma.

Ahh, laziness has never felt so good…..

Today, we are going to talk about a similar setup in the points/miles world.

You see, much like your Sunday afternoon Netflix marathons, your points/miles accounts will eventually ask you if you are still there.

And also like Netflix, if you fail to respond they will shut off (or in this case, close your account). Continue Reading


How to Turn Unused BoA Credit Cards into an Extra $100 – $120/year

People often ask me which credit card is my favorite, but there’s not a simple answer to that question. The truth is that my favorite credit card is the one that provides the greatest reward for the least amount of effort.

The best example of such a scenario is taking advantage of a credit card signup bonus. Many times these bonuses provide more than 5x the rewards of normal day-to-day spending and require very little time or effort.

Much like an employer offering you a job with a signing bonus of $50,000 and an annual salary of $10,000, credit card signup rewards are disproportionately front-loaded.

Most rational individuals would simply jump from one job to the next, collecting a new signup bonus each time.

But what if there was a way to continue receiving rewards from an older credit card, even after you had moved on to the next one?

What if, with little-to-no work required from you, they agreed to keep sending you a quarterly bonus? I’m probably safe to assume that almost no one would argue with that setup.

Well fellow travel junkies, let me introduce you to Better Balance Rewards.

Ongoing Signup Bonuses

What is the Better Balance Rewards Card?

Better Balance Rewards (“BBR”) is one of the many credit cards issued by Bank of America. The card is unique in that it offers a bonus every quarter for those who meet very basic minimum requirements.

Wait, no signup bonus?

That’s right, the Better Balance Rewards Card does not offer any sort of signup bonus. I wouldn’t usually vouch for such a card but hear me out.

The BBR is can be a great move for some people because they might be able to get it through something called a product change. Before we go any further let’s talk about what that means.

Continue Reading

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Quick Wins: Get $300 KeyBank Bonus and More!

Hey 10xT team,

We got quite a bit of love from the last Quick Wins post so we’re going to continue with it.


  1. Get $300 bonus for opening a KeyBank Checking Account with $500 Direct Deposit
  2. Receive $20 statement credit from a $50+ purchase
  3. Save $10 on an Amazon purchase with Chase Ultimate Rewards

Amazon vs Jet

1) Get $300 bonus for opening a KeyBank Checking Account with $500 Direct Deposit

Availability: AK, CO, ID, IN, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, and WA Continue Reading

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Quick Wins: Earn 47,000+ IHG Points and More!

Hey team,

Curtis here. One thing we heard quite often in the survey was that you really enjoyed the “Quick Wins” posts – so here you go! 

There are 3 current ones that I’d like to highlight for IHG, Starwood and Delta.


  1. Earn a minimum of 47,000+ IHG points for $50 and 2 hours of work
  2. Get an easy 1,000 Delta points
  3. (FREE) Daily contest to win 1,000 – 10,000 Starwood points + other prizes

IHG Phuket Hotel Continue Reading

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Reader Success Story: London and Paris Honeymoon

Hi Travelers,

[Thanks to your survey responses, we changed the way that we do Reader Success Stories here at 10xT. We will now be featuring much more detail so that YOU can pull of these exact same trips.]

Today I have another amazing reader success story that I would like to share with you about a dream honeymoon to London and Paris.

This one needs little introduction so let’s get right to it.

Take it away, Emily!


On August 25, 2014, my now husband proposed to me.  Within 5 days, we knew we wanted to go to London and Paris for our honeymoon, and we knew we wanted to save money by using points/miles.  

Thanks to reading Bryce’s book and blog, I had dabbled in the points/miles game for the previous year leading up to the proposal.  I had taken a couple free domestic flights but I hadn’t delved into hotels or international flights.  

My fiancé had not done anything with points/miles yet.  With our wedding set for October 17, 2015, we began the process of earning the right points and miles to book our honeymoon in London and Paris!

Reader Success London Paris

We reached out to Bryce with some question about our specific trip and he walked us through some of the pros and cons of each type of rewards to use.  After talking it over with by fiancée we decided to go with United miles because of their amazing flexibility and low taxes and fees on award flights to Europe.

We each opened a United MileagePlus Explorer Card, which was offering 50,000 bonus miles at the time, and earned the bonus after each spending $2,000 in 3 months. Not a bad start!

Bryce also informed us that Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfer 1:1 to United with zero fees, which was incredibly helpful to putting together our trip. My fiancée decided to grab a Chase Sapphire Preferred card to earn an additional 40,000 points that could be transferred to United. Continue Reading


Which Card Should I Use to Buy Gas/Groceries/Dinner/Etc.?

Have you ever found yourself roped in to a lame conversation about gas prices?

You know what I’m talking about. You’re making small talk at work with colleagues and that one guy chimes in with his usual “ugh, gas prices were up 7 cents this morning” spiel.

Then proceeds to show you his latest gas price tracking app and brag about how he drove all the way across town because he found a place that was 10 cents cheaper than the rest.

Meanwhile everyone is politely nodding while their eyes glaze over.

My Face

What I want to say: “You do realize that you spent all that time and effort to save about (~15 gallons * 10 cents =) $1.50 right? And that’s not factoring in the extra gas you used to drive across town….

What I actually say: “That’s great, you’ll have to tell us where you find these great deals”

I don’t mean to belittle someone for trying to save money, I’ve certainly put a lot of time and effort in to perfecting that subject with regard to travel.

But it’s important to always account for the time and effort that you put in to it. Otherwise you’re just creating a ton of work for very little reward.

This same thinking occurs in the points/miles world.

In fact, I get a few dozen emails per week that go a little something like this. Continue Reading