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January 2016


Today’s My Birthday – And I Want to Give YOU a Gift

Today marks the beginning of my 28th year on this planet (PSYCH: I’m only turning 27, which means it’s the beginning of my 28th year on earth).

To be honest, 27 is a pretty strange birthday to have. Here’s why:

  • 27 doesn’t grant you any special privileges (driving, R-Rated Movies, buying alcohol, etc.)
  • 27 still counts as “mid-twenties” (At least that’s what I tell myself…..)
  • 30 is still a ways away
  • I’m still young enough to spend most of my weekends in a different time zone, yet old enough to appreciate getting socks for my birthday

Buckingham Palace

Anyway, I want to flip the script this year. This year I want to give YOU a gift on my birthday. And I promise it’s not socks. Continue Reading


How to Eliminate Stress Caused by Money

FACT #1: Money is the leading cause of stress for Americans today (source).

64% of adults report that they feel stressed about money, which ranks higher than stress associated with work, family responsibilities, or health concerns.

FACT #2: Most personal finance advice that you’ll find on the internet is terrible.  

And “terrible” is putting it nicely. Most of it flat out sucks.

In fact, I can summarize 95% of the personal finance “advice” found on the internet in one sentence.

Work like a dog, cut back on everything (read: have zero fun), save every penny you can find, and maybe you can start to “live” at age 60+.

No thanks.

FACT #3: I am passionate about helping YOU create a lifestyle of freedom. And it is impossible to feel free when you are constantly weighed down by the stress of managing your money.

Which is why I invited my friend Dillon Carter to put together a post about how you can start to get a hold of your financial life.

Take it away Dillon.

How to Eliminate Stress Caused by Money Continue Reading


How I Did It: A Week in Spain and Portugal for Next to Nothing

Hello from Spain!

Well, almost. I am currently 35,000 feet above the Atlantic on a flight bound for Barcelona (technology is a wonderful thing).

Anyway, before I indulge in a week filled with tapas and Spanish wine I wanted to give you the rundown of how I pulled this off so that you can get started on planning your own European getaway.

Many of you have asked that I share these types of overviews so I will make a point of doing so for all of my upcoming trips.

So, without further ado, here’s how I booked a week in Spain and Portugal for next to nothing.


Columbus to Barcelona – 20,000 American Airlines Miles and $14.50

Anyone who has been reading 10xT for more than a couple weeks knows that I am a HUGE fan of American Airlines off-peak award rates to Europe. At just 20,000 miles each way on saver award level tickets (30,000 each way standard award) these are one of the best uses of points/miles in the game.

(Note: American has made a few changes to their off-peak awards starting on March 16, 2016. Check out their new award chart for more details)

I originally booked flights for my wife and me to head to Spain on Wednesday due to some other scheduling conflicts. They were just 20,000 American Airlines miles and $14.50 each. (The $58 below is for two round-trip flights)



But after our schedules cleared up a bit we decided to add a few days to our trip and leave on Sunday instead. Thankfully I was able to change our flights without paying any additional miles or fees.


We each earned the required AA miles thanks to the sign up bonus from the American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum MasterCard, which was offering 50,000 AA miles at the time. More than enough to cover round-trip flights to Europe during the off-peak season. Continue Reading

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Reader Success Story: Couple’s Trip to Europe for Next to Nothing

Another day, another incredible success story by 10xT readers Mat and Lacey.

Mat and Lacey just booked an incredible trip to Europe for next to nothing thanks to their incredible success with points and miles.

Today’s story is particularly interesting for two reasons.

  1. Mat and Lacey share specific points/miles they used for their trip (making it easier for you to duplicate their amazing trip)
  2. Mat and Lacey are the creators of Ditching Normal, a fantastic blog that teaches people how to start enjoying the more important things in life.

Take it away Mat and Lacey!


Mat and Lacey on Beach

My wife Lacey and I booked our first “big” trip on points recently!

This spring we’ll be traveling to 5 different locations over a 15 day period…all on credit card points.  From our hometown of Boise, ID we’re heading to the island of Malta and back with stops along the way in New York City, Florence, Rome, and Chicago. 

As exciting and as relatively easy as it was perform the actual booking of this trip, accumulating enough points for free flights and hotels took us about 8 months of strategizing.

Before getting into the details of how we booked this trip on points, I need to point out that we never would have had the confidence to even start up with the credit card points game had it not been for the knowledge we gained from

While the numerous tips on stacking points and detailed credit card recommendations continue to be helpful, what we found to be invaluable (especially in the beginning) was the knowledge we gained about how credit scores work.  My wife Lacey NEVER would have let me involved with multiple credit cards at once if it weren’t for 10xTravel.  I owe ya one Bryce! Continue Reading


How Does “Average Age of Accounts” Affect My Credit Score?

Hi Travel Junkies,

Today we are going to talk about credit, and more specifically about one of the most misunderstood aspects of your credit score.

To do that let’s take a look at a recent question I received from one of my readers.

Hi Bryce,

You talk a lot about how you close old credit cards that you no longer use. Doesn’t that reduce your average age of accounts and therefore damage your credit score?

Credit Karma seems to indicate that average age of accounts is an important part of my credit score.


Great question. Let’s talk about that, starting with a quick overview of how your average age of accounts (AAoA) effects your credit score.

Average Age of Accounts is one of the factors that contributes to your Length of Credit History, which accounts for 15% of your FICO credit score.

FICO Breakdown

This metric is calculated just as you would imagine. They add up the age of each of your credit accounts and divide by the total number of accounts. Simple.

However, Average Age of Accounts isn’t the only factor that goes in to the Length of Credit History metric.

The Length of Credit History metric factors, in order of importance:

  1. Age of Oldest Account
  2. Average Age of Accounts
  3. Age of your newest account

If you’re interested in learning more about those check out my Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Credit.

But for today, I’m going to focus solely on Average Age of Accounts.

Let’s start by introducing a little secret about the FICO credit scoring model. Continue Reading