Today’s My Birthday – And I Want to Give YOU a Gift

Today marks the beginning of my 28th year on this planet (PSYCH: I’m only turning 27, which means it’s the beginning of my 28th year on earth).

To be honest, 27 is a pretty strange birthday to have. Here’s why:

  • 27 doesn’t grant you any special privileges (driving, R-Rated Movies, buying alcohol, etc.)
  • 27 still counts as “mid-twenties” (At least that’s what I tell myself…..)
  • 30 is still a ways away
  • I’m still young enough to spend most of my weekends in a different time zone, yet old enough to appreciate getting socks for my birthday

Buckingham Palace

Anyway, I want to flip the script this year. This year I want to give YOU a gift on my birthday. And I promise it’s not socks.

It’s a $50 Starbucks Gift Card. And I only ask one thing in return.

Will you tell me how 10xT has changed your life for the better? It can be anything, from booking the trip of your dreams to learning about Scottish Whisky.

You can tweet it, email it to me, or share it on my Facebook pageI’ll pick my favorite response on Friday and give out the gift card.

Thanks. Here’s to another year filled with travel and happiness.

Happy Travels,


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