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Side Hustle: How to Make Money to Supplement Your Income

Just for fun, I googled “how to make side income” to see what groundbreaking ideas I could find on the internet.

Here are a few that I came across:

  • Carve walking sticks and sell them at a flea market
  • Become a professional cuddler (Totally not creepy at all)
  • Become a beekeeper and sell honey
  • Donate breast milk (yes, this is a thing)

Donate Breast Milk

I have always been fascinated with the idea of passive income and have pursued a number of ways of earning it.

Many of them have failed, but a few of them have worked out quite well.

Over the coming weeks I am going to share a few of these ideas with you. And I promise that none of them will require you to cuddle with strangers or part with your hard earned breast milk.

In fact, I’ve already tested all of these methods myself and I’ll only be sharing the ones that have been proven to work.

Earlier this year I told you that my new goal was to help you learn to be free. Yes, learning how to travel for next to nothing is a big part of that goal, but there is so much more.

Another major component of learning to be free is finding a source (or multiple sources) of passive income.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $300 to $400 a month:

  • Go see your favorite band in concert without feeling guilty about it
  • Donate money to your favorite charity without having to cut back on other expenses
  • Start contributing to a Roth IRA or 401k (boring I know, but you’ll be thankful someday)
  • Not have to think twice about ordering guacamole at Chipotle (trust me, you’ll feel like a baller)


We will be talking about a number of ways that you can do this. In the meantime….


I want to hear your ideas

What have you tried in the past to generate side income? Did it work? What did you learn? (email me at bryce[at]10xtravel[dot]com or contact me here).

I’ll share some of my favorite responses in a future post.


Happy Travels,




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