So, What Exactly Does 100,000 American Airlines Miles Get Me?

Hi Travel Junkies,

Last month I shared an amazing opportunity to earn 100,000 American Airlines (AA) miles just by opening a credit card and checking account and jumping through a couple of small hoops.

These types of opportunities are incredibly lucrative and a no-brainer for any points/miles enthusiast. Certainly anyone who is a fan of cheap travel would jump at this, right?


In fact, I was downright shocked at the lack of attention that this particular strategy seemed to get. Even my most loyal readers were lukewarm about the opportunity.

And after looking through the results of our latest reader survey I now know why.

Because nobody gets excited about earning “miles”! After all, “miles” taken out of context are just a number on a computer screen.

It’s the cheap travel that you are really after.

And the connection between “X number of miles” and “cheap travel” is not always an easy one to make. Especially for those of you who are new to this game.

So today I am going to provide a more concrete example of why this particular opportunity is so great. One that you could take advantage of right away if you so choose.

Drumroll please…….

I just booked a trip to spend a long weekend in Spain with my wife this coming January.

It’ll be a short one, just a couple days in Barcelona followed by a couple days in Madrid. Which is fine by me. Long weekends in Europe are one of my favorite trips anyway.

(Especially when the average temperature is 30 degrees warmer than it is in the Midwest)

Spain Pic

The flights would have been about $2,000 each if we paid cash. Far more than I care to pay to spend a weekend in Europe.

But we were able to book Off Peak Saver-Award tickets with a whopping 40,000 AA miles and $58 each.

My Spain Itinerary

That’s right. A total of 80,000 AA miles and $116 for 2 round-trip flights to Spain.

Math was never my strong suit, but by my calculations the 100,000 AA miles earned from the credit card and checking account combo would let YOU book this exact same trip twice and still have 20,000 miles left over.

(Well maybe not this exact same trip. That would be weird)

Or if you’re feeling generous book just one trip and take a friend with you.

“Earn enough miles to take a friend to Europe for free” > “Earn 100,000 AA miles” any day of the week.

Or of course you could use the miles to travel to any of the hundreds of other destinations that are served by American Airlines and their partners.

Here are a few examples from their recently updated award chart. These amounts reflect roundtrip Saver Award tickets in economy class:

  • Hawaii for 45,000 miles
  • Asia for 70,000 miles
  • The Caribbean for 30,000 miles
  • South America for 40,000-60,000 miles

ALL of these destinations can be reached with the 100,000 AA miles. Some of them multiple times.

So take another look at that amazing opportunity, talk it over with your friends, and start dreaming about where your miles can take you.


Happy Travels,


P.S. This will be my first ever trip to Spain. If you have any advice on things to do/places to see please shoot them my way.



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