How I Saved $978.25 on My Vegas Trip (And How You Can Too)

Hey 10xT team,

Curtis Rummel here, the secret other half of 10xT.

My fiancée and I just got back from a last-minute weekend Vegas trip for my brother in-law’s birthday.

It was crazy (as Vegas always is), it was a blast and best of all I was able to save more than $975 by using points/miles. That’s a great feeling.

When you don’t have to care too much about the costs – you’re guaranteed to be a winner every time you go to Vegas. Which means you can splurge a little more.

Here’s how I did it.

Not too long ago I picked up a Capital One Venture Card, which is one of the cards that allow you to “erase” any travel purchase made with the card.

It also was offering a signup bonus of 40,000 points after you spend $3,000 in 3 months, which is worth $400 of free travel.

(You can read our full breakdown of the pros/cons of the Capital One Venture card here)

We used our Venture cards to book flights on Frontier, which was not the best flying experience of my life, and arrived in Vegas early on Friday morning.

Thanks to my Capital One Venture card, we were able to erase $482 of the flight cost. (Here’s a screenshot of my redemption)

Curtis Flight Redemption

In Vegas we ended up staying in a Signature Balcony Suite at The Signature at MGM Grand, which was fantastic. Our two nights costed $626.

Curtis Hotel 1

Curtis Hotel 2

Curtis Hotel 3

The balcony looked over the pools/mountains and the floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom had a great view of the strip. The room also featured a beautiful full kitchen that had absolutely zero pots or pans. (Seriously, does anyone cook in Las Vegas?)

Again, Nicole’s Capital One Venture card allowed us to erase $495 of the hotel’s cost.

Curtis Hotel Redemption

In a move that was very “non-traditional Vegas”, we drove about 45 minutes from the Strip to Wild West Horseback Adventures, where we enjoyed a sunset horseback ride and fantastic steak dinner.

Horseback Riding

After getting back to the Strip we decided to check out Cirque du Soleil KÀ at the MGM Grand.

Cirque du Soleil KA

This is one of the best shows on the strip and a must see for any Vegas show enthusiasts.

All told, it was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to go back.

When you pay next to nothing for flights and hotels it truly is impossible not to have a great time in Vegas. And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Happy Travels!


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