In this episode, the 10x team members share their insider knowledge on traveling to Mexico using points and miles. They cover everything from the best airlines and airports to the most effective loyalty programs. You’ll hear about personal experiences, including navigating through a hurricane in Playa del Carmen, and offer tips on obtaining first-class upgrades and accessing exclusive lounges. The team discusses accommodation options ranging from budget airlines and discounted points to luxurious all-inclusive resorts. Throughout the episode, the team delves into the best ways to utilize points and miles to maximize your Mexican adventure, with a special focus on the advantages of all-inclusive resort bookings.

The Takeoff podcast is brought to you by 10xTravel – a website and community with one simple goal: to help you travel more while spending less 10xT publishes content related to credit card rewards, personal finance, travel, and lifestyle  Host Bryce Conway launched 10xT in 2014, but has been a fan and member of the points and miles community since 2011  He is the author of “Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing and How to Fix Your Credit: Do it Once  Do it Right  Get on with Your Life”, and his work has been featured in multiple national media outlets including Good Morning America, Money Magazine, and ABC Nightline News  Tune in to hear the 10xTravel team give you a clear path to entering the exciting world of traveling with points and miles 

Discussion Points: 

  • Overview of traveling to Mexico using miles and points
  • Insider tips on leveraging United Airlines for first-class upgrades
  • Sharing personal travel experiences and survival tales Guide to finding the best accommodations 
  • Best ways to plan a trip to Mexico
  • Finding the best flights and airports
  • Exploring budget airlines, discounted points, and best resorts
  • Maximizing points and miles for booking all-inclusive resorts
  • Luxury resorts and points usage in Mexico
  • Efficient planning 
  • Booking trips and optimizing award service
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