Hi Insiders,

By now I am guessing you have learned one of the great frustrations in the world of points & miles.

Earning points & miles is pretty easy, but redeeming them efficiently can be difficult.

Anyone can open a credit card or two and quickly earn a boatload of points, but how the heck are people able to use them for these insane first class flights?

Why are you seeing other people in the 10xTravel Insiders Facebook Group posting pictures of themselves sipping champagne in first class when you can’t seem to use your points to book an economy flight to Tulsa?

ANA First Class

ANA First Class = Slightly Better Than an Economy Flight to Tulsa

Sure, they might just have a bazillion points. Or be super rich. Or have incredible photoshop skills.

But the more likely scenario is that they’re just more savvy at finding great deals for points & miles.

They have access to some sort of knowledge or information that you don’t have.

Or didn’t have, until today.

Today that all changes for you thanks to two amazing 10xT services that can help you turn an economy flight to Tulsa into a first class flight to Tahiti.

Let’s take a look.

10xTravel Award Space Alerts

You’ve probably heard of fare deal services such as Scott’s Cheap Flights that send you an email anytime they find a great flight deal, right?

10xTravel Award Space Alerts does the same thing, but for award flights (and the occasional cash fare too).

Our experts scour the web every day for the best opportunities to use your points & miles and notify you by email when we find an amazing deal.

award space alert biz class south pacific

These deals are often business class or better, with great itineraries and enough seats available to bring a friend or two.

We also give you tips on how to book using your points & miles, specific dates available, how to earn more points if needed, etc. to make the booking process as easy as possible.

award space alerts

You can sit back and relax knowing that the best points & miles deals on earth will be coming straight to your inbox.

This service is entirely free and you can sign up today by visiting our Award Space Alerts Page.

(You can also get early access to these award space alerts by becoming a 10xTravel+ Member. More details on that here)

10xTravel Award Booking Service

Booking flights with your points & miles can be hard, even for the pros. Our 10xTravel Award Booking Service makes it easy.

Simply tell us the basic details of your trip (dates, locations, points to use, etc.) and our team of experts will do the rest.

award booking service

We will run all the award searches, find the best options, and advise you of the best way to book your trip using points & miles.

Pricing is simple and straightforward and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Learn more and get started by visiting our Award Booking Page.

Bottom Line

Earning points & miles is pretty easy, and redeeming them efficiently used to be difficult.

But not anymore.

That’s all for today. As always, feel free to reply to this email with any questions you may have.

Happy Travels,