How to Get More Excitement Out of Your Next Vacation

Do you remember how you felt as a kid when you got a new toy?

I know I certainly do.

I don’t remember every experience, of course, but I do remember that feeling of unbridled excitement. The world just seems a bit brighter when you opened the wrapping and saw something so new. Your mind ran with ideas of how you would play and your creativity flowed without limits.

Little boy with wooden airplane in the field

But day by day that excitement waned. The toy became just another meaningless object in your endless box of toys and you were on to the next new thing.

The same phenomenon occurs when traveling.

Most travelers could experience this new excitement every single trip, but they don’t realize it. Every year they go to the same place, stay in the same hotel (even the exact room) and call it a “vacation”.

This is the old way of thinking about traveling. Choosing what is known and safe over adventure and excitement.

I want to encourage you to do the opposite.


Because repetition does not create memories.

Think about that for a second. What did you do on you eat for breakfast 2 days ago, or two weeks ago? How did it taste? How was it cooked? What was the weather like that morning?

I’m guessing you have no idea. You probably ate the exact same thing you’ve always had, didn’t take the time to even look outside, and by now have absolutely no memory of any of it.

That time is now completely erased from existence. It might as well have never happened.

So why would you treat your valuable vacation time with the same disdain?

When you visit the same place every year you don’t create new memories, you simply rewrite older ones. And at some point everything just starts to blend together.

You start getting confused while telling stories to your family and friends, “Was that last year or five years ago? Did we even go on our Florida trip last year?”

It doesn’t matter if you visit Cape Cod or St. Kitts. If this is your travel philosophy, you are greatly missing out and I’m hear to persuade you to change.


Remember, repetition does not create memories.

So get out there and try someplace new. I promise you’ll never look back.

Happy Travels,


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