We’re excited to announce the public launch of My10x, a new application we’ve built that is designed to help you manage your credit card wallet and points and miles portfolio in one place.

My10x is entirely free to use and you can sign up right now at my.10xtravel.com.


Sign-Up for My10x

What is My10x?

My10x enables you to effortlessly manage your credit cards and loyalty accounts, receive expert advice, and collaborate with others to maximize your points and miles. Specifically designed to help you optimize your credit cards and loyalty programs, My10x empowers you to extract the maximum benefit from your various rewards.

We’re confident that this tool will help you get the most out of your credit cards and loyalty programs.

Utilize the My10x bank connections to automatically import all of your cards into your My10x wallet. You can also add your cards manually.

Key Features

Here are the key features of My10x that will help you achieve your travel goals:

  1. My Wallet: Load all of  your cards into My10x to make managing them a breeze.
    Our platform analyzes your current points & miles totals, tracks your eligibility for new card offers, calculates your 5/24 status, and more. You can connect your to your accounts securely and import your information automatically, or add your card details manually. It’s up to you.
  2. My Points: Track all of your loyalty accounts and points balances in one place.
    Use the My Points tool to see all of your points & miles balances in one place. You can choose to sync your information automatically with direct connections to the banks, utilizing bank level encryption to protect your data, or you can update your information manually without ever having to connect to the banks (and don’t worry, we’ll remind you to update it every now and then as well).
  3. My Credit Score: Stay on top of your credit with simple, customized advice to maximize your credit score.
    Input your FICO score, and we’ll provide helpful tips to boost and maintain your score as you continue to earn points & miles.
  4. My Next Card: Expert advice to help you choose the best card for you.
    Our proprietary recommendation tool looks at your existing points & miles balances, credit cards, credit score, and product eligibility rules to recommend the single best credit card for you. With just one click in My Next card, you get expert advice on the best card for you.
  5. 2 Player Mode: Invite others to join My10x and collaborate with your points & miles strategy.
    Request to link your My10x accounts with your partners to easily manage your points & miles strategy together. Got a P2 playing the game as well? You can collaborate with both players all in one place.

You’re good to go!
That’s it. You’re ready to get started using My10x. Fill out your account and start using all of the tools and features that My10x includes.

My10x automatically syncs rewards balances for supported programs if you utilize our bank connections. You can also manage your balances manually.


  • I already have an account with the 10xTravel Free Course. Do I use the same account in My10x?
    No – My10x is completely separate from the free course, so you’ll need to register for a new account.
  • Can my P2 and I share the same account?
    No – You’ll first need to register a new account for your P2 (or P3, P4, etc). Once they’re off the waitlist, you can invite them to share their account with you. Simply navigate to “My Wallet”, click “+ Add User” at the top and follow the steps to link your account and your P2’s account together.
  • Is this in the App Store?
    No, My10x is a web-based application, so you’ll access it in your browser either on your mobile device, or a tablet/laptop or desktop device. While we’re not ruling it out for the future, we currently don’t have any plans to release this as an iOS or Android application.

What’s Next?

We have an extensive roadmap of features that are being continuously built and deployed to enhance your points and miles experience. We’ll continue to improve this platform to be the ultimate resource for managing your credit card wallet and points & miles portfolio, and eventually providing tools to help you use your points & miles as well.

Get Started

To start using My10x, you can sign up here. We encourage you to provide us with your thoughts and feedback on My10x as well as any bugs that you find.


Sign-Up for My10x


To ensure a seamless experience for everyone at launch, we’re utilizing a waitlist. You might have to wait a bit after registering for My10x until you get access to it. But we know it will be worth it. Although demand may change this timeline, most people will be off the waitlist in one to two weeks after signing up. We appreciate your patience, and share your enthusiasm for My10x.

We’re truly excited to launch My10x to you as it’s a project we’ve been envisioning for years, and building for a while now.

Our mission is to create the ultimate resource for managing your credit card wallet and points & miles portfolio, and this is just the beginning. Our roadmap is packed with exciting features that are already in the works and will be continuously rolled out over time. From helping you make the most of your points & miles to providing tools to help you find availability to use them, we’re committed to enhancing My10x to be a valuable resource for all of our users, all while keeping it completely free of charge.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback about how you’re using My10x!

Happy Travels,
Matt and The 10xTravel Team