Hi Travel Junkies,

I am thrilled to announce that we have made some major improvements to our free online course, including a complete rebuild of the section on redeeming miles, and you can check them out right now by logging into the course here.

This is something that I do every year, but usually the changes are relatively minor. Updating airline alliances, transfer partner lists, etc.

This time was different. 

I asked members of our Insider’s Facebook Group to tell me what changes they wanted to see in the course and an overwhelming majority of respondents told me “we need more info on how to use our points!”

And after reviewing the material I realized that they were absolutely right. The redemption section was very weak.

So I deleted the entire thing, started over, and created what I believe to be the single best resource on using your points & miles anywhere on the planet. 

There are 14 new chapters that cover everything you need to know about how to redeem your points and miles for maximum value. 

In particular, I covered:

  • How Partner Award Bookings Work (And How to Use Them Like a Pro)
  • How to Redeem Transferable Points & Miles for Maximum Value
  • What to Expect When Running Award Searches (Including Benchmark Prices to Look For)
  • New Tools and Services to Make This Easier for You
  • And more.

All written with the fun and casual style that you have come to expect from 10xTravel.  

If you are one of the many 10xT Reader who struggle with redeeming your points & miles I would highly recommend that you review this new material right away. 

And be sure to share it with any of your friends who have the same problem. After all, the material is entirely free (unlike many other new courses in the industry).

I hope you enjoy the new material! Please don’t hesitate to send me any feedback on the course that you have.


Happy Travels,