New Look, Same Great Blog (And How Not to Name a Website)

Here’s a hot business tip to get today’s post started. If you’re ever considering starting your own website, think long and hard about what you want to name it.

I, unfortunately, did not heed this advice back in 2013 when I started GFF. In fact, the naming process went down a little something like this.

(Summer 2013 in a Panera in Columbus, OH)

Curtis (Co-Founder of GFF): We should start a website to show people how you use points/miles to get free flights.

Me: That sounds cool. What would we call it?

Curtis: Hmm… I don’t know. Get Free Flights? Looks like is available.

Me: (between bites of a cinnamon crunch bagel) Cool, let’s go with that.

I give more thought to the brand of ketchup I buy at the grocery store.

Which unfortunately has led to 2 years of answering many of the same questions.

  • Do you just give away free flights?
  • Is this some sort of scam?
  • I WANT A FREE FLIGHT WILL YOU GIVE ME ONE? (No joke, I get about 15 emails a week just like that. Most of which are in all caps)

And a number of headaches involving potential business partnerships and advertising opportunities.

(Turns out the word “free” attracts the wrong crowd. Lesson learned)

So, in an act that is long overdue, we have decided to rebrand. This time to something a little less gimmicky.



10xTravel is a new look for the same great website that you know as (GFF).

The layout is virtually identical, the focus will not change, and I’ll still be sharing the best money-saving travel advice on the internet.

Here’s what you need to do for this change:

  1. Add my new email ( to your “safe sender” list so my emails don’t get flagged as spam.

That’s it! In fact, any emails sent to my email will be automatically redirected to my new address.

We will complete the final transition from to on Thursday (10/22) – please email me with any questions you have.

Thanks for being the awesome readers that you are!


Happy Travels,


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