TopCashback is one of our favorite shopping portals. It works with thousands of retailers and has competitive cashback rates. It’s free, easy to use, has no cashout minimums and implements a simple payout process. Right now, to get you started, TopCashback is offering our readers a $10 sign-up bonus after earning $10 in cash back.

If you aren’t familiar with shopping portals, or aren’t a member of TopCashback, read on. We’ll walk you through what a shopping portal is, the advantages of TopCashback and how you can supercharge your savings on things you buy anyway.

What Is a Shopping Portal?

If you shop online but aren’t using a shopping portal, you are leaving money on the table. A shopping portal is simply a website that gives shoppers bonus miles, points or cash back for making online purchases. All you need to do is navigate to the online shopping portal first and then click through the site to the retailer of your choice.

So before going directly to the merchant’s website, make an extra stop at a shopping portal to earn some rewards. After you click through to the retailer, be it Apple, Kohl’s, Gap or others, you’ll complete the purchase on the store website. The shopping portal puts a cookie in your browser to track the shopping activity. After the purchase is completed, the shopping portal will validate your purchase with the retailer.

How soon after your online purchase will you see the cashback in your account? That depends on the retailer and on the shopping portal you use. This can take from a matter of hours to a few days or even a few weeks.

What is TopCashback and How Does It Work?

TopCashback (TCB) is one of the leading and most established shopping portals that gives its members cash back for online purchases. Its mission is to shop smart and help you save money. TCB partnered with thousands of retailers across the United States, which means you can save money on almost all your online purchases.

Whether you are shopping for travel, electronics, entertainment, fashion or health and beauty products, there really is no reason not to start with a shopping portal.

How to Sign Up for TopCashback

To sign up for TCB just follow the sign-up link. Create an account, and that’s it—you are now a TCB member! By signing up through us, you’ll also get a $10 welcome bonus after earning $10 in cash back.

You’ll immediately get full access to all of TCB’s retailers and their offers and can start earning cash back right away.

TopCashback Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to TopCashback, or to the shopping portals in general, you might have some questions.

Is TopCashback Legitimate?

One of the most commonly asked questions is, are shopping portals in general, and TCB in particular, legit. We can’t speak to all shopping portals out there, and there are quite a few, but TopCashback is definitely reliable. We’ve been earning cash back by shopping through the portal for years and can attest to its legitimacy and ease of use.

Keep in mind that in exchange for earning cashback rewards, you give TCB access to your shopping data. The privacy policy clearly outlines the type of data the site collects and how it uses your personal data.

Is TopCashback Free?

Yes, it’s free to use, and there are no hidden membership or cashout fees.

Is It Easy to Earn Money with TopCashback?

Yes, it’s easy to earn cash back. If you’re shopping on your laptop, you have two options to help you optimize each online purchase.

Option one is to install a TopCashback browser extension. When you log in, you’ll most likely see a pop-up. Just click on the button to add the TCB browser extension, and you’ll get a reminder every time you shop with a participating retailer.

Earn Money with TopCashback

Option two, if you don’t want to add a browser extension, is to start all your online shopping trips at

If you prefer to shop on your mobile device, download the TCB app and start your shopping trip in the app.

Earn Money with TopCashback

When you see an offer you are interested in, click on the red “Get Cashback” button, and you’ll be redirected to the retailer’s site. From there, continue shopping as you would normally.

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Is It Easy to Cash Out the Earnings?

Yes, it’s easy to cash out your rewards. You can do so in the form of an ACH transfer straight to your bank account, a PayPal payment or a Visa or an American Express gift card. You can even cash out your earnings in the form of a gift card to more than 20 retailers. Keep an eye out for payout bonuses.

There are no minimum withdrawal amounts. You can cash out a few dollars or wait until you have a more substantial amount in your TopCashback account.

If you are new to the shopping portal, make sure to add your payout details early, even if you’ve got nothing to withdraw yet. After your purchases show up as “pending” in your account, TopCashback needs to confirm the purchase with a retailer and wait for it to pay TCB. This can take between four and 12 weeks.

When your earnings are ready to be cashed out, their status will change from “pending” to “payable.” At this point, you can go ahead and choose your preferred method of payment. You’ll then receive an email that your payout has arrived.

How Many Brands and Retailers Work with TopCashback?

TopCashback works with more than 4,400 brands, so almost anything you are shopping for online could be eligible for cash back. Many travel brands also work with TCB, including Marriott, and IHG. So every time you are making a travel purchase, don’t forget to click through the portal.

How Many Brands and Retailers Work with TopCashback

Can I Use Coupons with TopCashback?

You can still use retailer coupons when shopping through the TopCashback portal. If you’ve installed the TCB browser extension, it’ll scan the internet for any active coupon codes and will alert you at checkout. You can use your own coupons as well. Valid coupons will depend on the merchant used. When you go to the merchant page, you’ll be able to see which coupons are accepted.

How to Make Sure You Get Paid?

The first step to earning cash back is to open the shopping portal page. You should start with an empty cart and only add products to cart after you’ve clicked through the TopCashback page. By adding a browser extension, you’ll be reminded to navigate to the TCB website first to activate the cash back.

You also need to enable browser cookies and complete your purchase in one shopping session.

It’s worth mentioning that returned items don’t earn cash back, so if you return something, the amount will be deducted from your earnings.

How to Earn Even More with TopCashback?

There are a few opportunities to bump up your earnings.

Collect a $10 welcome bonus for new members after earning $10 cash back when you join TopCashback through us.

You can also refer your friends, and when they sign up via your Tell-a-Friend link and earn at least $10 in payable cash back, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 bonus.

You can choose to cash out your earnings via gift cards. Some of them, such as American Express gift cards, come with a 3% bonus. That’s a great way to make some extra money on things you buy anyway.

Drawbacks of TopCashback

Some shopping portals allow you to earn in-store cashback, but TopCashback doesn’t. The absence of that feature combined with slow payout times, which can take weeks or even months, would be the two biggest drawbacks of this online shopping portal.

TopCashback vs. Other Shopping Portals

Dozens of shopping portals are available to consumers, so why would you stick with the TopCashback? The portal offers great payout rates, often on items and retailers that other shopping portals don’t cover.

Payout minimums don’t apply, so you can cash out rewards in any amount at any time after your cash back is available, even if it’s just a few dollars.

TopCashback has been around for a long time, and it’s a reliable and trustworthy shopping portal.

Before you make a purchase, always check the shopping portal comparison site Cashback Monitor to view various shopping portal payout rates side by side and to ensure that you are getting the best rates from TopCashback.

Final Thoughts: Is TopCashback Worth It?

The short answer is—absolutely! It’s a safe and reliable shopping portal that has partnered with thousands of retailers to help us save money. The cashback rates are often better than what other portals offer, and there are no minimum accrual amounts, so you can cash out your earnings any time.

But TCB has so many great features that keep us coming to the portal again and again.