If you celebrated Valentine’s Day last week and thought that just wasn’t enough to show your love for the P2 in your life, then you’ll be happy to know today is P2 Day!

P2 Day – 2/22 – is a day we created here at 10xTravel to celebrate the player 2 in your life who either tolerates or happily engages in your enthusiasm for points and miles.

To help you show your appreciation, we’ve had some cards made that you can download below to share with your P2.

P2 Day Greeting Cards

Click on a card name above to open and download your P2 card of choice.

Last year, when we first introduced P2 Day, we made a post on our 10xTravel Insiders Facebook Group and asked you to share stories about you and your P2. Here are a few to warm your heart:

“My P2 carries the luggage, manages our credit card bills, asks me which card he should use for which purchase, writes me notes of what to order so I can maximize online purchases, and brags to his friends about our free travel.” -Olivia C.

“Both of us grew up in humble backgrounds, never even thinking about flying often, let alone in anything beyond economy, and always hearing that credit cards were bad and we should stay clear. All this made this moment that much sweeter: Our first EVER biz class flight during our first ever big redemption of points for a dream holiday trip to Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. While I used both our points, I told her NOTHING. Completely secret right until the moment we boarded.” -Pedro A.

“My P2 and I do everything together! He’s currently deployed on a pretty awesome mission to bring sunken soldiers home after decades in the ocean but when he gets home we’re off to Europe. I’m racking in the points while he’s gone and can’t wait to spend them on an amazing honeymoon. I’m doing the work so he can relax when he’s back.” -Chelsea S.

Recently, some of our staff shared their P2 experiences, discussing how they got their partners involved in points and miles. And Bryce, Emily, Matt and Travis discussed 2-player mode on Episode 12 of Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel.

Whether it be opening a credit card or opening one of the above cards, show your P2 some thanks today! May you continue to enjoy the journey with them.