Dear Readers,

It is with a whirlwind of emotions that I announce a major shift in our company’s leadership today.

Effective immediately, I am stepping down as CEO of 10xTravel. My twin brother, Weston, will be taking my place for the indefinite future.

Weston brings a long list of benefits to 10xTravel that will be realized immediately.

For starters, a completely new face to represent 10xTravel to the world.

Weston Conway brings a new face to 10xTravel

Weston also brings more youth and a different educational background to the position. He is a full hour younger than me and he often sat on the other side of the classroom while we both studied Finance at The Ohio State University. I believe this youthfulness and unique perspective will help bring some exciting changes to 10xTravel.

Weston has big plans for the future of 10xTravel. For starters, he intends to shift the tone of our content to be much more straightforward and to the point.

“This topic is simply too important for analogies, jokes, and sarcasm”, he tells me. “There is a reason why the textbooks you read in school are mind-numbingly boring, because that’s how people learn”.

Weston also plans on applying this serious approach to our 10xTravel Insiders Facebook Group, where he plans to immediately remove the weekly Friday Brag thread and replace it with “Fun-Free Friday”, a place for people to share any serious news they come across in the points and miles space provided they properly cite each source in MLA format.

Oh, and anyone who reacts to these posts with the laughing emoji will be permanently banned from the group.

As for me, I am finally going to take some time to pursue my dream of becoming a member of the road crew for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Who knows, maybe if I work hard enough I might be promoted to Director of Feline Logistics for her next tour.

Anyway, it’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to be able to teach points & miles to each and every one of you over the past 8 years. I’m truly sad to see it come to an abrupt end, on April Fools Day of all days, but I know that you are in good hands moving forward.

Be well. Stay curious. And please never forget that opening the Delta or Hilton cards while under 5/24 is almost always a bad move.

Happy Travels and Farewell,