Here at 10xTravel we are always looking for creative ways to help our readers address the biggest challenges they face when it comes to using points and miles.

We wake up every day with the mindset that your biggest problems are our biggest problems.

Which is why, after seeing the results of our reader demographic survey, we have been working on the issue of how to use points and miles when you have to travel with one or multiple children. We know that lots of couples may be in this situation, especially if you formed a lasting bond through our dating app for points and miles people, P2.

Today I am excited to announce a solution to this problem. A brand new 10xTravel Service that will help families save a boatload on their future points and miles vacations …

Introducing the 10xTravel Boarding School for Children of Points-Obsessed Parents!

10xTravel Boarding School for Children of Points-Obsessed Parents

We are thrilled to announce that we have purchased an old school building and converted it into the largest boarding school for children of traveling parents that the world has ever seen. The facility is fully equipped with multiple kitchens, dormitories, classrooms, and recreation space to accommodate children from ages 2-18 years old.

Introducing 10xTravel Boarding School

Our facility is fully accredited with the National Association of Independent Points & Miles Schools (NAIPMS) and our team of full-time educators can ensure that your kids keep up on their schoolwork while you use your hard-earned points to travel the world in style.

We even offer supplemental education about all things travel and points, helping your children to learn valuable lessons such as airport lounge etiquette, how to have the patience to remain seated until their boarding group is called, and how to properly place their bags in the overhead bin.

10xTravel Boarding School Luggage Toy

Trust us, your kids will be as happy to come here as you will be to fly first class without having to find (and pay for) premium cabin award space for the entire family.

Pricing varies based on your dates, class of service, and number of children. The school accepts credit cards and all major types of transferable points as payment.

Opening Date & Special Perks

Our facility will begin accepting reservations today, April 1st, 2024, for anyone who uses the code “IJustRealizedTodayIsAprilFools” on the checkout page.

Space is limited and subject to availability. Which is why we highly recommend that you sign up for our 10xTravel Award Alerts Email List to be the first to know about 10xT Childcare Award Space the moment it comes available.

Current 10xTravel+ Members get exclusive perks that include an annual companion pass, allowing them to send two children for the price of one, and a shortcut to earning higher status with the 10xTravel Boarding School for Children of Points-Obsessed Parents’ Loyalty Program, which will be called “Voyage” (pronounced “Voy-aj”).

High-level details of the program can be found below:

  • Gold Status: 2 complimentary juice boxes per day + early check in
  • Platinum Status: Space available dormitory room upgrades and complimentary breakfast, which includes access to the waffle bar.
  • Diamond Status: 5th night free on all stays, 48-hour space guarantee, access to the executive children’s lounge

Assuming everything goes according to plan, we intend to launch a similar service in the near future called the “10xTravel Summer Camp for Skeptical & Ungrateful P2s,” which will address a similar problem that impacts a slightly different segment of our audience.

That camp is tentatively scheduled to open on April 1, 2025.

Thank you as always for all of your support for our work, and Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy Travels,
Bryce & The Entire 10xT Team

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