Hi Travel Junkies,

Today I am thrilled to announce the beta launch of our new AI-Powered 10xT Chatbot!

This is (at least to my knowledge) the first ever AI-powered points & miles tool made available to the public.

You can ask the chatbot any question you like. It has been trained on the entire content library of our website and it is quite good at answering most points & miles questions and directing you to additional content that might be helpful.

This tool is now live at 10xtravel.com/chatbot as well as on most pages on our website. Simply look for the little blue icon on the bottom right of your screen.

The chatbot is very much a “beta” product at the moment, but it will continually learn as you use it and share your feedback. You can do this by simply clicking the thumbs up/thumbs down icons at the top of the chat window.

Course-Specific Chatbot

We have also launched a second AI-Chatbot that is trained only on the material found in our free online course to help answer your questions and direct you to the relevant sections of the material.

You can find this one in Appendix B of our free online course.


Free Course

If you haven't signed up for our free course yet, you can find it at 10xtravel.com/course

I highly encourage you to use this course chatbot as a first stop for any and all questions that you have about anything covered in the course.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly to share any and all ideas and feedback.

Happy Travels,