Mother’s Day: Earn Bonus Points with Mom and AAdvantage Bonus Miles

Mother’s Day is this Sunday (May 8th) and if you’re anything like me, you forgot to get something nice for mom.

Lucky for you, I’ve got your back this year.

Check out these last minute opportunities to earn extra AAdvantage bonus miles shopping for Mother’s Day, and rack up bonus points with mom in the process.


Shopping Portals Are The Key

Your key to acing Mother’s Day this year is unlocked through the wonderful world of shopping portals.

If shopping portals are new territory for you, check out How to Use Shopping Portals to Boost Your Millage Earnings to get the juicy details.

Basically, shopping portals are third-party sites that offer you an incentive for shopping at various retailers through their portal.

When you shop through their portal they receive a small commission on any purchase you make and give you points or miles as a reward (it’s a win-win).

Along with your top holidays, shopping portals offer a ton of great points-earning opportunities on Mother’s Day.

Although there are great deals all over the place, I have sifted through the offerings for you (cause ain’t nobody got time for that) and discovered that AAdvantage eShopping is your best bet for last minute Mother’s Day shopping this year.

So, check out these deals, pick the one that mom’s going to love, and take back that “Mom’s Favorite Child” trophy your brother stole last year – all while earning bonus miles for your next trip.


AAdvantage Mother’s Day Offers

Earn 250 bonus miles when you spend $150 cumulatively at these six retailers: JCPenney, ProFlowers, Aveda, Blue Nile, Kohl’s, and WSJwine.

Not only that, but each of these six retailers actually has their own bonus miles offer. That means you can earn the 250 bonus miles as well as the miles per dollar offer (now that’s some double-dipping).


Beyond those six retailers, there are tons of other great offers that can land you some serious bonus miles (chocolate covered strawberries is a no-brainer).

MothersDay3 MothersDay4

Things To Remember

Don’t forget to use your travel rewards credit card when making a purchase through these portals. Along with the other offers, this will give you the chance to triple-dip into these bonus miles!

Also, watch out for the terms and conditions for these bonus miles opportunities. You will see that offers have certain deadlines, as well as specific dates that provide the best bang-for-your-buck.


Whether you’re trying to win the “best child” award or simply showing you care, AAdvantage eShopping is an awesome way to earn extra bonus miles while shopping for Mother’s Day.

Wheels Up,


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