If you’ve been around our 10xTravel Facebook Insider’s Group for awhile, you may have seen us dropping a few hints about a new product that we’re launching. After months of building, the start of the second quarter of 2022 seemed like the best time to finally launch!

Introducing P2: The Dating App for Points People

After many of our members found love indirectly, we felt it more appropriate than ever to make it easier for you to find your P2. Let’s explore some of the features that the app has to offer, so you can begin pooling points and hearts.

What is P2?

P2 is our exciting new dating app where you can connect with like-minded points and miles enthusiasts who understand your hobby, needs, and are willing to debate over who pays for your first coffee meetup to get the points.

With P2, you don’t have to wait until your 5th or 24th date to share important information like credit scores, elite status, etc. Now, you’ll know upfront important aspects about a potential match like their credit scores, hotel status, and preferred points currencies. Premium members can filter for these in search mode.

Features of P2

When building P2, we designed a suite of features specifically targeted to the points and miles community. If you were looking to date a farmer, you’d go to Farmers Only. When you’re looking for a points companion, you should go where the points people are. The features in P2 are designed to enhance your romantic prospects.

Easy To Build Profiles

For starters, we created an easy to build profile. Simply upload some of your best photos and share some information about you and your points and miles profile. Information includes

  • Your credit profile
  • Elite status that you have
  • Your 5/24 status
  • Preferred travel style
  • Favorite points currency
  • Lounge Access

With these features, you can help share where you’re at in your points and miles journey to potential matches, and use them to decide when a match is right for you. You can also upload a short 30 second video clip to give that future P2 a quick glimpse into your wallet, share your favorite redemption or discuss your upcoming travel plans.

Proprietary Algorithm

We’ve already built the best algorithm in the business for identifying the best credit cards, so naturally, we built an algorithm to help match you with the best P2. Some examples of this in action include

  • Matching travelers who have a Companion Pass with those seeking Companion Pass holders
  • Pairing people with lots of hotel points with users with lots of airline miles
  • Individuals with lots of experience with those relatively new, but eager to learn, so you can share your personal referrals to get even more points
  • Identifying matches with different airport lounge access, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best lounge experience when traveling together

The algorithm is the juice behind P2 that separates it from other dating apps out there. Free members will receive up to 10 potential matches per day that they can then decide to like or skip. If you skip on someone, they won’t show up in the future.

Built-in Secure Messaging

Your safety is our number one priority. That’s why P2 users don’t have to give out any personal information like phone numbers in order to connect. You can easily communicate with your matches directly in the app.

Before someone can message you, you’ll have to match with them. To match, simply “page a flight attendant” by clicking the heart icon on their profile. Once both parties have clicked the heart, you’ll match and then be able to chat directly in the app. If you’re not interested, simply click the X on their profile and you’ll be rescheduled to a later flight.

Need to block a match from traveling in your airspace? No problem. Simply block them and they’ll be embargoed from accessing your profile ever again.

P2 Premium

For users seeking more advanced features, you can upgrade to P2 Premium for the low price of $5.24 a month. P2 Premium brings you extra features to make finding your perfect match even easier.

Premium Search

As a P2 Premium user, you’ll have the ability to search for your P2 with premium search capabilities.

These features allow you to filter all users by a number of parameters such as

  • FICO Score
  • 5/24 Status
  • Number of credit cards
  • Elite status level by specific program
  • Airline seating preferences (must sit together, or willing to sit separate so you both have a window seat)
  • And more

The premium search features can let you target specifically what you’re looking for in a partner. All members who come up in your search will be presented in an easy to use format, allowing you to reach out directly to any matches and begin messaging.

Reconsideration Line

Did you “call a flight attendant” but that user chose to travel on a different flight? As a premium member, you’ll be able to call the reconsideration line five times a month.

The reconsideration line gives you the ability to record a short, 30 second video message to send to a member that passed on you.

With your safety in mind, this feature isn’t accessible for members that you’ve blocked. Only for those who simply passed on you.

Additional Premium Features

In addition to premium search, P2 Premium members will also receive additional functionality in the app including the ability to see who liked you, the ability to search for members rather than just be matched by the algorithm and more.

Premium members will also be able to review past potential matches that they skipped on. Accidentally skipped someone you meant to like? Now you can go back and express interest by changing your skip to a like instead.


Why Build a Dating App for Points and Miles?

We talk a lot about the power of two player mode in our free e-course, but realized that not everyone has a second player. After getting a lot of feedback from our readers about the lack of a “P2” we recognized the gap in the market and invested the resources to make it easier for everyone to get a second points player in their life.

What Future Features Are You Looking To Release?

We’re working on building out the ability to sync with your points accounts directly. That way you can share your points balances, and see the balances of your potential matches.

How Does the Algorithm Work?

We have an incredible algorithm that powers our best card rankings, but frankly, it sits idle for most of the month until we need to run new rankings. Now with P2, we use all of that idle computing time to instead run dating matches based on very similar parameters.

I’m Not Sure About P2 Premium… Is It Worth It?

If you’re not sure about P2 Premium, we’re offering our readers one month free. Simply use the code APRILFOOLS at checkout to get your first month of P2 Premium on us!