Now Or Never: Earn Up To 60k Bonus Miles with Delta (Expires Tomorrow 7/6/16)

Luke Sims – 10xTravel Contributor

[Please note – these deals have since expired. For updated information – visit our Credit Cards page here.]

Unless you’re brand new to 10xT you’ve probably noticed that Delta SkyMiles don’t get a lot of good coverage in the points/miles world.

SkyMiles generally don’t stack up in value to many of the other frequent flyer programs because of their lack of transparency and generally high number of miles required to book otherwise inexpensive flights.

However……. (in a melodramatic tone)

When you have the opportunity to earn up to 60,000 of them at once we are obligated to let our friends know that this is a great opportunity.

So, whether you frequently fly with Delta or not, let me show you why you should consider taking advantage of a Delta Airlines credit card before the current offers expire tomorrow, July 6.


Where Delta SkyMiles Shine

One of the major reasons that I am not a big fan of Delta SkyMiles is because they do not have an award chart.

That’s right. NO award chart.

With nothing set in stone, it’s hard to plan on using Delta SkyMiles for award travel for any specific flight. (And I’m an obsessed over-planner)

That said, because they don’t publish an award chart… that also leaves opportunities for some pretty good finds if you are 1. Lucky or 2. Know where to look.

Let me walk you through my top 3 uses of Delta SkyMiles.


1) Great for flights to less popular airports (Aspen, Fresno, etc.) not serviced by other carriers

It can be difficult to find reasonable prices flying into small airports, especially during peak travel times. Add that to the fact that few airlines serve these small airports and you have a recipe for disaster.

It’s situations like these where Delta can really bail you out. Here’s a quick example that I was able to find this morning.

How about 18,000 miles for a round-trip flight from Houston to Aspen in January that’s worth more than $500 cash? I’ll take that.



2) Great for last minute uses when other airlines are sold out (or ask for ridiculous mile prices)

Another great use of Delta points is for last minute travel. At 10xT we see this most frequently with things like family emergencies or incredibly spontaneous getaways.

Just last year Bryce was able to use Delta miles to book a same-day, round-trip flight to California for a family emergency. His $1,000+ domestic flight was able to be booked for just 40,000 Delta points round trip.

40,000 points for a round-trip domestic flight is certainly not ideal but being able to book that so close to the departure (a matter of hours) was a huge benefit during this crucial time.

It’s a little depressing to think about, but here at 10xT we highly recommend keeping a stash of Delta points for this very reason. Just one less thing to think about during a difficult time.


3) Potential for huge value for business class travel to Europe

If you’re looking for a more comfortable flight to Europe, SkyMiles has some great options as of late.

There are frequently flights from NYC and other major US cities to London in Delta One/Business for just 62,500 miles one-way.

Here are a couple that I found this morning from my hometown of NYC to London.


These flights are currently going for more than $5,200 in cash. Making 62,500 Delta SkyMiles a great value in this case.



Gold and Platinum Delta SkyMiles Offers

If the upsides I mentioned above have your blood pumping or if you’re just looking to diversify your points/miles stash (which I highly recommend), you should take advantage of these limited time offers.

Don’t delay, both versions of the Delta SkyMiles credit card (Platinum and Gold) have limited time offers that expire tomorrow. So it’s now or never.

You can find more information on these offers by visiting our credit cards page.


Bottom Line

Delta SkyMiles might not be the best long-term frequent flyer program out there, but their elevated sign-up bonuses and potential upsides makes this a no-brainer for anyone who likes to travel for next to nothing.

Don’t miss out!

Wheels Up,


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