Hey world travelers,

This is the first of a three-part series in which we’ll investigate how small business credit cards can play a role in your points-earning strategy.

Today, we’re going to start with one of the questions we hear most often.

“Who can get a small business credit card?”

If you’re like me, your first thought when you heard about business cards was something like:

“Those look great! But I don’t have anything that even resembles a business.”

Well, let’s get into that and investigate this assumption.


So, who can get a business card? Business owners, of course!

Glad we could solve that mystery for you. Now, why did we need an article to tell us that?

Okay, fine. It’s not that simple and that’s great news, as business cards present a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in traveling on points.

For our purposes, it can be helpful to think of businesses in two broad categories: Start-ups and existing businesses.


You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley developing the next greatest iPhone app to be a start-up. If you are building an online course that you plan on selling, you are a start-up. If you’ve just started a dog-walking business, you’re a start-up. If you’ve just opened a food truck… you get the picture. Even if you aren’t profitable yet. Even if you don’t have revenue yet. You are still eligible for small business credit cards.

Existing Business

If you already have an existing business as a bookstore owner, a small law practice, or a small pet shop, this is pretty straight forward. Many existing businesses already use small business cards, and if you don’t… what are you waiting for?!

Bonus Category – Side Hustles

At 10xTravel, we’re huge fans of the side hustle. In fact, each of us has some kind of side hustle going in some way or another. People who have a side hustle are a subset of existing business. Often these people are business owners, but don’t even realize what they have qualifies as a business.

If you are coaching or consulting on the side or selling goods on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, then you have a business! If you have a blog, you have a business on your hands. If you build websites on the side… business.

Times have changed. No longer are brick and mortar companies the only small businesses around. Many are now service-based, and some are run entirely online.

So, think beyond the traditional model of business. The world has changed and many people have side hustles that qualify as small businesses.

Don’t sell yourself short. Take the plunge and incorporate business cards into your points-earning plans.

Bottom Line

Small business credit cards make your life easier by allowing you to separate your business and personal expenses which, in turn, makes keeping track of everything so much easier. You’ll thank me during tax season.

Not only are small business cards a great way to separate business from personal expenses, they are an amazing way to help you travel. Whether you are consulting, selling on Amazon, or finding your way as a freelance writer, business cards can be an important part of your credit card portfolio.

Next time, we’ll discuss some pros and cons of small business cards, and the types of perks they often provide.

For now, you can read more about small business credit cards by clicking the link on our credit cards page.

See you in the sky,