Have you ever gotten onto a flight sitting next to the bathroom and asked yourself, “How did this happen?” Finding the best seats on a plane can be a challenge, but SeatGuru has made it much easier. SeatGuru lets you search through its extensive database of seating charts to find exactly what seat configuration to expect for any aircraft type.

SeatGuru offers up-to-date airplane seat maps so passengers have all the information they need before arriving at the airport. SeatGuru also gives advice on which seats to choose or avoid, as well as how best to fly with your family and luggage.

Using SeatGuru is easy. Simply enter your flight details from any airline and use the interactive seating charts to find the best seat on your flight. You can also find information about in-flight amenities on SeatGuru, such as power ports and Wi-Fi availability.

SeatGuru is a great resource for finding the best seats on a plane, but it also offers other benefits.

SeatGuru can help you decide which plane to book for your flight. It offers detailed information about different planes, so you can compare and choose the one that best meets your needs. SeatGuru is a great tool for making your travel experience easier and more comfortable.

What Is SeatGuru?

SeatGuru is a website that allows you to search for specific airplane seating to find the best and most comfortable seats on any given plane. The site will show you what seats are rated as good, bad or neutral.

There are many reasons why it’s important to know where you’re sitting when flying, but perhaps the most obvious reason is simply that you want to be comfortable while traveling instead of being cramped in an uncomfortable seat where all your leg room has been taken away.

Your comfort might also depend on whether there is enough space between yourself and other passengers seated nearby, whether there will be special amenities available during your flight (such as power ports), and what the layout of the plane itself is going to be like.

Knowing these things can help you make a better decision about which planes and seats on those planes are best for you. SeatGuru lets you know all about how much space each seat will have, whether power ports or Wi-Fi access might be available and more.

seatguru-help in finding the best seats on the plane

The History of SeatGuru

SeatGuru was started by three friends who flew together fairly often because they lived in different cities but had to work together every now and again. They were tired of squabbling over good airline seats so they decided to do something about it. They created SeatGuru to help others narrow down their own search for the perfect flight the same way that the founders had done for themselves.

The site includes many aircraft and seating diagrams and covers most major airlines and airplane makes and models. The founders knew that not every passenger had the same needs, so they wanted to give their users as much choice as possible to help them figure out what would work best for each individual person.

SeatGuru is now one of the most popular travel tools on the internet. The website has been featured on the Today Show and in USA Today, and it has more than 1 million registered members. SeatGuru’s extensive database and commitment to customer satisfaction have made it a go-to source for finding the best airplane seats.

How Does SeatGuru Work?

SeatGuru works simply by allowing you to search through a wide variety of airplanes and configurations that different airlines use for their flights. Once you’ve determined your flight details (which can include origin city, destination city, number of connections/stops along the way, etc.), just click “Find Seats” and voilà—you’re presented with a list of available seats and an interactive map showing exactly where everything is located.

Search by airline name and flight number. If you don’t know the exact flight number, the website allows you to search for a specific city or airport to find a number of different options.

SeatGuru pulls up the most relevant results for your search terms and provides them via a schematic view of the airplane cabin with individual seats highlighted according to good/bad/neutral assignment, power port availability, Wi-Fi access, etc. You can also adjust your search from map mode, which shows only an overview of where everything is located, to list mode, which displays more detailed information about each seat.

SeatGuru offers a variety of different features, all of which are designed to help you make the best decision possible about where to sit on your next flight.

Why Use SeatGuru?

SeatGuru is a website and app that allows users to find the best seats on the plane. The site includes information on all types of aircraft, from small regional jets to large international planes. You can search by airline, airplane model or seat type.

SeatGuru also includes information on amenities available on each flight, such as power ports and Wi-Fi. Seat assignments are color-coded according to their quality, so you can easily see which seats are the best and worst options on a plane.

Use SeatGuru to Choose A Seat On A Flight You’ve Already Booked

SeatGuru also offers a color-coded system to help you choose the best seat. Green means good; yellow means caution; and red means avoid. In addition, SeatGuru provides information on legroom, width of seats and recline options.

If you already have a flight booked and you’re trying to choose a seat, SeatGuru can be a helpful tool. It can help you find the best seat on the plane for your needs.

You can use the site’s mobile app on the go to find the best seat if you get to the airport and discover that the model of the plane changed.

Whether you’re looking for extra legroom or just want to avoid getting stuck in the middle seat, SeatGuru can help. Use it before your next flight to get the most comfortable experience possible.

Use SeatGuru When Choosing Which Plane to Fly

Not only can SeatGuru help you choose which seat to pick, it can also help you decide which plane to fly. SeatGuru provides information on different aircraft models, including the type of airplane and how many rows are in each section.

When you’re looking to book a flight, it’s important to do your research and compare different planes. By using SeatGuru, you can see what type of seats are available on each plane and choose the one that’s best for you.

If you’re traveling in business or first class, SeatGuru can help you pick the best seat on the plane. Not every premium cabin seat is created equal. Some aircraft will have angle-flat seats rather than lie-flat. You can check SeatGuru before booking your flight to be sure you’re getting the amenities you anticipate.


This version of United's 767 offers 2-1-2 seating, so you get less privacy.

This version of United's 767 offers 1-1-1 seating, with upgraded Polaris business class seats.

If you’re traveling in premium economy, SeatGuru can help you choose the best seat. Most premium economy cabins have a similar layout, but there are some variations. SeatGuru can ensure you get the most comfortable experience.

Economy flyers will value seeing seat maps in advance. Some airlines run widebodies to destinations like Hawaii. You can use SeatGuru to compare the layouts before booking so that you can be sure to choose the most comfortable seat.

With so many options available, it’s important to make sure you have the best flight possible. Thanks to SeatGuru, making that decision is now easier than ever.

When searching for flights online, it’s important to do your research first before you book anything. By using SeatGuru, users are able to sift through all of the different plane options and choose the best one for their needs. With so many planes in the skies, SeatGuru is a valuable tool that can help passengers get the most out of their flight.

Use SeatGuru to Find In-Flight Amenities on Different Aircraft

SeatGuru also allows you to search for amenities on different aircraft. This can be helpful if you have specific needs or are looking for a specific feature. For example, if you need a wheelchair accessible plane, SeatGuru can help you find one.

The amenities available on each plane vary depending on the airline and the model of plane. Some aircraft have more amenities than others. For example, some planes have in-flight entertainment systems while others do not.

You can use SeatGuru to find out which planes have which amenities. This can help you make an informed decision about which airline to fly with and which plane to book.

Cabin interior of a modern passenger aircraft (wide body)

How to Use SeatGuru to Find A Seat Map

To use SeatGuru, you first need to know your flight number. If you don’t know your flight number, you can use your airline and travel dates on the SeatGuru website.

Once you have your flight number, enter it into the SeatGuru search bar. Then select your airline and plane type. The website will show you a map of the plane with different colored seats. Each color corresponds to a different level of comfort or amenities.

The seats in the blue zones are typically the most desirable, and for good reason. The best seats on the plane are always a blue-zone seat. These seats usually have more legroom and are located near the front or exit of the plane. Seats in blue zones will typically cost more unless you have elite status with the airline.

The seats in the green zone are also good seats that typically won’t cost extra. They usually have more legroom and are located near the front of the plane.

Yellow seats are often OK seats, but may have something to caution. Oftentimes, bulkhead seats are marked as yellow because they don’t have underseat storage.

Be sure to avoid any red-zone seats if you can help it. These seats often don’t recline, are missing windows or are located close to the bathrooms and galley.

You can also use SeatGuru to find out which seats have extra amenities like power plugs and USB ports. To do this, select “Amenities” from the SeatGuru menu bar. This will show you a list of all the different amenities that are available on the plane.

SeatGuru is a great resource for finding out which seats have the best value for your needs. By using SeatGuru, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your flight.

Use the key on SeatGuru to better understand options around your seat.

Blue zone seats tend to be better seats, often premium economy or economy+ with extra legroom. However, expect these seats to cost money.

Use SeatGuru User Images to View Seats

SeatGuru also has a user image section. This section allows passengers to upload pictures of their seats from different angles. This can be helpful if you’re not sure what the seat looks like from other perspectives.

You can also use this section to find out whether or not a particular seat has an underseat storage compartment or power plugs.

An Example of SeatGuru in Action

When you search SeatGuru, be sure to enter your flight number and select the correct airline. This will make it easier for SeatGuru to pull results from that particular airline.
Let’s take a look at some good and bad seats on an Emirates Airbus A380 to see the seat descriptions of specific seats and their quality.

first class cabin

SeatGuru Recommended First Class Seats on Emirates Airbus A380

First class passengers have a good selection of seats. Seat 1A is one of the best seats on this plane because it’s a window seat and has plenty of extra legroom.

If Seat 1A isn’t available, Seat 2A would be a good backup choice.

There aren’t many bad seats in first class, but Seat 4K may not be the best choice. It’s located near a bathroom and the galley.

Business class passengers also have a good selection of seats, but there are more bad seats in this section of the plane. Seat 23A is one of the best seats because it’s a window seat with extra legroom. Seat 28A is also a good seat because it’s near the front of the plane.

Economy passengers have more bad seats on this plane. Seat 41A isn’t a good choice because it’s near the bathroom and is missing a window. Seat 51D is also not a good seat because it’s near the galley. Economy passengers can choose good seats by selecting seat numbers in the blue and green zones.

finding best seats on plane

Limitations of SeatGuru

Despite all the great features that SeatGuru offers to help you find the best seats on your flight, you should be aware of some limitations.

Newer Planes Unavailable

Some of the newer planes, such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350, are not always available on SeatGuru. So if you’re looking for information on those planes, you might not find it on SeatGuru.

Not All Airlines Included

Another limitation is that SeatGuru only covers a limited number of airlines. So you won’t find information on all carriers or for all aircraft types.

The good news is that the airlines and planes covered by SeatGuru are some of the most popular ones, so you’ll likely be flying one of them in the near future.

Feedback is Based on User Experience and Isn’t Always Accurate

One additional issue worth pointing out is that feedback on SeatGuru isn’t always accurate. For example, one user may complain about the legroom, while another may say it has plenty of room. However, you’ll notice this trend with any review site because people’s perceptions are different.

So be sure to read the feedback carefully and use your own judgment when deciding what the best seats are for you.

SeatGuru Doesn’t Show What Seats Are Available

Despite SeatGuru’s great features and popularity, it doesn’t show which seats on the plane are actually available.

If you really want to know what the best seats on your flight are, or even just find out generally how much legroom you’ll have, SeatGuru is a great resource. Just be aware of the limitations listed above.

SeatGuru Might Get The Wrong Airline Seat Maps

Many airlines have different layouts for the same planes. SeatGuru usually has the layout for the most common plane, but it might get the wrong one.

SeatGuru still provides helpful information, but you should double check with the airline to make sure SeatGuru’s layout for the plane is correct.

best seats on the plane

Websites to Compliment SeatGuru to Find The Best Seats on the Plane

SeatGuru is a great website to use when looking for the best seats on the plane, but sometimes it doesn’t have information on all of them. There are a couple of helpful websites that complement SeatGuru to help you find the best seats on the plane.

The Airline’s Site

Go directly to the airline’s website to look for the best seats on the plane. Sometimes they have SeatGuru-like maps that provide seat data.

SeatGuru is fantastic, but it only provides information on certain airlines. If SeatGuru doesn’t have that airline listed, then your search for the best seats on the plane goes cold until another website provides alternative options.


ExpertFlyer Seat Maps is a great website that complements SeatGuru. Seat maps are presented to show you the best seats on your flight easily.

ExpertFlyer Seat Maps also show you which seats don’t have access to power outlets, which seats have extra room to stretch out, or if they recline.

You can even see how close the airplane lavatories are to your seat. Do not sit too close to the bathroom—you will be sad because of all of the in-flight odors.

Google Seat Maps

Google Seat Maps is another great website that can complement SeatGuru. Google Seat Maps offers a 360-degree view of the inside of the aircraft, which is fantastic for planning your seat location.

You can also see pictures of the seats from different angles so you know what to expect before you book.

TripAdvisor Seat Maps

TripAdvisor Seat Maps is another great option to use if you want to see what other passengers have had to say about their seats on the plane.

You can read reviews and ratings from other passengers who have flown in the seats on the aircraft in question. This is a great way to get an idea of whether or not a seat is comfortable or if people experienced any issues with that seat.

Final Thoughts

SeatGuru is a great resource for finding out which seats are best on the plane. However, its limitations can leave you wandering around lost in terms of where the best seats are. Luckily, there are other websites that complement SeatGuru.

Remember that SeatGuru is not 100% accurate, so always use your own judgment when choosing your seats. And finally, don’t forget to enjoy your flight! You’re on vacation, after all.