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Hey Travel Junkies,

There are some destinations that are icons in the travel world. All it takes is one picture and everyone will recognize it. I’m talking about places like Tahiti, the Sydney Opera House, and of course, Atlantis Bahamas.

Status Match to a “Free” Atlantis Bahamas Vacation
The iconic Atlantis Bahamas (image courtesy of Atlantis Bahamas)

Right now, there’s a pretty easy way to get a free stay at Atlantis Bahamas and I’m going to show you how.

The best part?

You won’t need to spend any of your points to do it. In fact, you may not even need to sign up for any new credit cards to take advantage of this great offer.

However, there are a few catches (there’s always a catch) to this. I’ll go over what you should be aware of before jumping into this deal. But first, let’s look at how you can take advantage of it.

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How to Get a “Free” Atlantis Bahamas Vacation

Earning your free stay at Atlantis Bahamas is as simple as earning Platinum status with Caesars Rewards (formerly Total Rewards).  Once you earn Platinum status, you receive a 3-night stay at Atlantis Bahamas. With a higher status, like Diamond, you earn a 4-night stay.

You might be wondering “what is Caesars Rewards and how do I earn Platinum status?”  While you could earn it through gambling at Caesars casinos or by staying at their hotels, there is a simpler way that won’t require you to spend any money out of your pocket.

All you have to do to earn Caesars Diamond status is do a status match. Caesars partners with Wyndham, and if you have Diamond status with Wyndham, you can match it to Caesars.

Personally, I have status with major hotel chains such as Hilton, or Marriott, but not Wyndham. Thankfully, Wyndham is currently offering a status match from these other programs. Currently, Hilton Gold or Marriott Gold and above will match to Wyndham Diamond.

How to Get a “Free” Atlantis Bahamas Vacation

I know that’s a lot, so let’s break it down step-by-step:

  1. Create a Wyndham account
  2. Take a screenshot of your Hilton or Marriott status (Gold or higher)
  3. Upload it to the Wyndham status match page
  4. Wait for Wyndham to email confirmation of your new status
  5. Create a Ceasars Rewards account
  6. Log into Caesar’s status match page
  7. Click the link to match your Wyndham status — you’ll need your Wyndham number

Be aware, it can take up to 7 days for Caesar’s Rewards to update your profile.

Thankfully, these Marriott and Hilton Gold are both pretty easy to get so this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Let’s dig a bit deeper into how you can easily earn the hotel status level you need to make this work.

How to Earn Hilton Gold or Diamond Status

Hilton Gold or Diamond status will match to Wyndham Diamond. Earning Hilton Gold or Diamond status has become ridiculously easy. How easy? You can get either status level simply by having one credit card.

Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card

125,000 Hilton Honors points after $2,000 spend in 3 months

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You can receive complimentary Hilton Gold status with the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card. If you find yourself staying at Hilton properties often, you may want Diamond status which you receive with the American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Card.

The annual fee on the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card is only $95 which makes it the cheapest option to start this process of getting a free stay at the Atlantis. The Hilton Aspire carries a $450 annual fee, though it does come with quite a few perks.

How to Earn Marriott Gold Status

Just like with Hilton, you can earn Marriott Gold Status from simply having the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card.

Similar to the Hilton Aspire, this card carries a $450 annual fee and comes with a number of other benefits.

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card

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How to Redeem Your Free Nights

Once your status match has gone through with Caesars Rewards, redeeming your free nights is easy. Be aware that when you stay determines what kind of room you will get.

pasted image 0 12

Atlantis Bahamas is a massive property with multiple room blocks (referred to as towers) throughout the property. If you travel during the peak months, you’ll stay in The Beach Towers. If you travel during the off-peak months of January, February, May, June, September, and October, you will get to stay in The Royal Towers.

I highly recommend trying to travel during the off-peak months, as The Royal Tower is a much nicer part of the resort than The Beach Tower.

Once you’ve decided when to travel, you’ll need to call 1-800-752-9711. They’ll check available dates, and you can complete your booking over the phone. Make it clear that you are calling to book a Caesars Rewards complimentary package, as some dates during off-peak months may not be available.

The Catch…

I said there were some catches so let’s take a look at what you should expect, and why this isn’t the phenomenal deal that it initially seems to be.

Your “free” stay, isn’t actually free

This is probably the biggest bummer of them all. We’ve talked about resort fees before, and at Atlantis, they really are a nuisance. You’ll have to pay the resort fee for every night of your stay, plus pay taxes on the room. Oh, and you’ll also pay a gratuity for every night you stay as well as the resort fee and taxes.

How much does all this cost? Expect around $65 per night. Not bad, but not really what you expect when you’ve been told you’re getting a free 4-night stay at Atlantis. Considering 4 nights will often cost $1,000 or more, $260 for 4 nights isn’t a bad deal. It just doesn’t have that same “free” feeling.

If you end up traveling during the peak days you’ll be paying $260 for the Beach Towers, and well…

The Beach Tower is pretty outdated and has some bad reviews

If you just went to the Beach Tower website you’d see some pictures that make it look a bit dated, but certainly not that bad.

The Beach Tower Atlantis Bahamas
The Beach Tower (image courtesy of Atlantis Bahamas)

However, a quick glance over to TripAdvisor and you’ll see that some rooms haven’t even been updated to match what is advertised.

Certainly not what you are expecting (image courtesy of TripAdvisor)
Certainly not what you are expecting (image courtesy of TripAdvisor)

What you also won’t know is that the Beach Tower is pretty far removed from everything. You should expect about 15 minutes of walking each way to get to the restaurants, pools, and other activities.

If you travel during the off-peak season, you’ll get to stay at the Royal Tower which is more centrally located. When you think of Atlantis, the Royal Tower is what comes to mind.

The Royal Tower (image courtesy of Atlantis Bahamas)
The Royal Tower (image courtesy of Atlantis Bahamas)

Although rooms in the Royal Tower still aren’t quite up to date by modern hotel standards, you’ll find them to be more consistent with what you see advertised on the Atlantis website.

Given the fact you’re paying about $260 for your 4-night stay, I would try to stay in the Royal Tower by traveling off-peak.

Food at Atlantis is EXPENSIVE

You can expect food and beer to really bump up the cost with beer going for about $10, typical American cuisine (such as burgers) going for $20. On top of the base price, you’ll have to pay 12% VAT and 15% gratuity. Your $20 burger just became a $25 burger. If you want a nice meal, you’ll pay more, of course.

Unfortunately, the menus with prices aren’t published online, so you can’t really scope it out in advance and plan. If cost is a concern, bring some snacks with you. There’s also a Dunkin’ Donuts right outside the property with normal pricing. If you’re staying at the Beach Towers, however, that may be a long trip to make for your daily meals.

Atlantis Doesn’t Honor All Loyalty Benefits of the Marriott Bonvoy Program

Did you know that Atlantis is part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection? Given that it is, you may be thinking you can get by with a big breakfast provided complimentary from your Platinum Elite status or above.

Unfortunately, Marriott exempts Atlantis from extending all Marriott benefits to guests. While you will get a welcome gift if you’re Platinum Elite, your status won’t automatically get you a free room upgrade or free breakfast.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get an upgrade, but you shouldn’t count on it. Especially if you’re traveling during peak season when the resort is busiest, which unfortunately is when an upgrade would provide the most value.

Final Thoughts

By status matching your Marriott or Hilton Elite status — easily acquired via credit card — to Wyndham and then matching Wyndham to Caesars Rewards, you can get a 3 or 4-night stay at Atlantis Bahamas.

Although the stay comes with a few catches, you might still find it to be worthwhile. A stay at Atlantis for only $260 is still a great deal. However, be prepared for some high costs while at the resort.

At the end of the day, the reports I’ve read often find Atlantis to be an amazing destination. If you were already planning a trip to Atlantis, this is an especially great way to save a lot of money. Those who’ve shared their trips in our weekly Friday Brags thread in the 10xTravel Insider Facebook group has really enjoyed the stay.

I hope to see your Atlantis adventure in our Friday Brags soon!


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31 Responses to “Status Match to a “Free” Atlantis Bahamas Vacation”

Jennifer Hummer

Thanks for the step-by-step directions. Once I status match to Caesar Rewards, do I need to go to Vegas (or one of the other locations) to get my physical card before going to Atlantis? Does Atlantis just need the number or do they also need to see the actual card upon check-in?

i believe there are tier credit requirements in addition to having caesars rewards diamond status. you get a better package if you have 15k tier points than if you have zero. there is another level somewhere around 80k i think.

You also get a casino experience pass which includes a couple of free cocktails at different restaurants, one round of golf, $100 casino play, one dolphin interaction, and a few other things. TripAdvisor has menus with prices for a lot of the restaurants at the Atlantis. Virgils next to Coral pool has happy hour for drinks and food and Anthony’s and Violas are too restaurants off the property, less than 5 mins walk, serve breakfast, lunch and dinner including happy hours and are very very cheap

Terrie Tingle

Hi Travis,

I followed your instructions step-by-step and it worked now I’m at diamond status with both Wyndham in Caesars!! Do I need to have 15 K in points in addition with my diamond status to get the free stay Atlantis? What the next step?

brandon b

Did you ever had the hotel try to charge you for the room upon checkout? Did you gamble at all? Thanks.

According to the fine print,

” Complimentary offers are based on your previous level of casino play. If you are a new or inactive Atlantis casino guest your upfront complimentaries are based on your rated play from your primary casino.

· If you redeem this complimentary offer you are expected to play to the same level of casino play or greater. If you do not play or show reduced casino play you may be charged for some or all of your upfront complimentaries including rooms, food & beverage, limos, etc. If you need additional clarification, please contact Casino VIP Services or your Player Development Executive.

brandon Biederman

Wondering if those “non-gamblers” who recently acquired the four free nights to Atlantis with the MGM Status Match have had any issues if they didn’t gamble at the property? Can you provide recent redemption dates please and indicate if you may have had this fine print on your reservation e-mail? Thanks in advance!
Reading the fine print here ”
Complimentary offers are based on your previous level of casino play. If you are a new or inactive Atlantis casino guest your upfront complimentaries are based on your rated play from your primary casino.
If you redeem this complimentary offer you are expected to play to the same level of casino play or greater. If you do not play or show reduced casino play you may be charged for some or all of your upfront complimentaries including rooms, food & beverage, limos, etc. If you need additional clarification, please contact Casino VIP Services or your Player.

Gary M

Hey Travis, I followed your steps and became Diamond status on both Wyndham and Ceasars. However, now that I see the Diamond status within the Ceasars app, I don’t see any Tier credits YET at the beginning of the ‘status bar’, it shows 15,000 for Diamond. What am I missing? Because if I have no Tier Credits, how is it that I can get the Complimentary package with Atlantis?


Hey Gary,

When you earn from a status match you don’t have any tier credits. The screenshot shows Diamond | 15,000 Tier Credits. If you were earning Diamond via tier credits, you would need 15,000 for Diamond.

Basically, you can ignore the tier credits here when you earn status from the status match. If you give a call to 800-752-9711 you should be able to book your free nights (pending availability).


How long does wyndham take to match your status from another hotel? Also, can you walk up to Caesars rewards desk and ask for status match from Wyndham instantaneously without having to wait up to 7 days via online processing? Thank you! I’m planning a last minute trip and would appreciate the feedback.

Do you have to be diamond status when you stay at Atlantis. I am planning to book for next year Feb/March and my diamond tier will expire Jan 31st. If it is a requirement then will go in January!


Has anyone tried this “complimentary” room yet? Did you have to gamble or not? I know some people here asked and don’t know if you got a reply or not….

Funny how no one has responded about the gambling requirement. Some on Doctor of Credit stated it was not required when they went. When I booked our reserv. a week or 2 ago, she stated we had to gamble 4 hours. Nothing about rated play, though.

Can anyone give an update on this. I would like to give this a try. I need to 1st get the Hilton Ascend, then follow the steps.
If I’m understanding I don’t need the 15k tier or have any gambling experience, nor need to gamble upon arriving.
Do I need to go to Las Vegas to get anything? Don’t want to take a 5/24 spot if it doesn’t work as stated.

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