For those who travel internationally on a regular basis, Global Entry is a godsend. Membership with Global Entry expedites the security clearance process on arrival back into the United States, saving you time and hassle.

Global Entry currently boasts more than 12.7 million members with operational kiosks at 77 airports in the U.S. as well as 14 pre-clearance locations abroad.

Alongside Global Entry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers TSA PreCheck®, Nexus and SENTRI. These programs expedite security processing for pre-approved low-risk travelers.

As of April 2024, big changes are coming to these Trusted Traveler Programs, including price hikes, changes in application fee eligibility requirements and a new interview option for conditionally approved candidates.

Let’s have a rundown of the confirmed changes to these programs.

Trusted Traveler Program

Global Entry, Nexus and SENTRI Price Hikes

On April 2, the CBP announced a series of changes coming to their Trusted Traveler Programs.

The prices for Global Entry, Nexus and SENTRI are confirmed to increase starting on Oct. 1.

The prices for these programs have remained unchanged for the last 15 years and the CBP wishes to increase the prices to reflect the new additions and modifications the programs have received over the years.

As described by the CBP: “As these programs have matured and expanded, updating the fee structures is critical to the continuation and management of the programs.”

Global Entry membership gives pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance when entering the United States. It does this through facial recognition technology at dedicated Global Entry kiosks across U.S. airports. Global Entry membership includes TSA PreCheck membership.

The price of Global Entry membership will increase from $100 to $120 starting Oct. 1.

Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) membership gives pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance when entering the United States via the Southern border. Travelers can use dedicated lanes when entering through land borders in the South.

The price for SENTRI membership will increase from its previous “à la carte” fee structure to a flat fee of $120.

Nexus membership confers expedited clearance to pre-approved, low-risk travelers entering both the U.S. and Canada. The program is run jointly by the CBP and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Members can use Nexus kiosks when entering Canada via air and Global Entry kiosks when entering the U.S. via air.

Nexus membership, like Global Entry and SENTRI, will also increase to $120 from its current price of $50.

Applicants younger than 18 years old will no longer be required to pay an application fee, provided that their parent or legal guardian is either a member of or concurrently applying to SENTRI, Nexus or Global Entry.

Though these price hikes might seem steep, they are fairly minor when you break them down on a per-year basis, since membership in these programs lasts for five years.

Trusted Traveler Program

Global Entry Interview Changes: Enrollment on Departure

In addition to price increases, the CBP is now offering another way to conduct your interview for Global Entry: Enrollment on Departure.

For applicants that are conditionally approved, they can conduct their interview for Global Entry before departing on an international flight at Washington-Dulles (IAD).

This adds a third interview option to the Global Entry application process, the two other being Enrollment on Arrival or scheduling an interview at an enrollment center.

The CBP has decided to trial run the program at Washington-Dulles only.

The Enrollment on Departure office can be found inside concourse B at gate B41 in Dulles airport. The office will be staffed from 12 p.m. through 8 p.m., with conditionally approved applicants recommended to arrive early to give ample time for the interview process.

In addition to an international flight ticket and passport, conditional applicants need to provide a physical document providing proof of residency. That could be a driver’s license, mortgage statement, rental payment statement or utility bill, for example. However, minors aren’t required to provide proof of address.

If you happen to be departing on an international flight from the nation’s capital, this could make getting an interview easier.

global entry

Credit Card Statement Credit Changes for Global Entry

With these new price increases to come, you might be wondering how credit card issuers will respond. After all, many travel rewards credit cards offer statement credits of up to $100 to reimburse the application fee for Global Entry.

So far, Chase and Citi are the only card issuers to announce an increase in their Global Entry statement credit offerings.

Citi will increase its Global Entry credit, starting Oct. 1, on the following cards:

Likewise, Chase will increase its Global Entry statement credit from Oct. 1, on the following credit cards:

Whether Capital One and American Express will follow suit is yet to be confirmed.

Final Thoughts

The price increases to CBPs trusted traveler programs are relatively minor when broken down on a per year basis.

In light of Citi and Chase’s announcements, the spotlight is on American Express and Capital One now, to see if they will make similar changes to their statement credit perks.

Similarly, Global Entry’s new enrollment on departure program is another option for conditionally approved candidates that might enable you to get an interview quicker.