American Express has lured customers in for a long time with its network of Centurion Lounges. The first-ever Centurion Lounge opened in 2013 and, today, they can be found in 13 airports in the United States and 14 other airports worldwide, providing their premium cardholders with a luxurious travel experience.

However, other credit card issuers have hopped on the bandwagon and begun opening their own lounges. Namely, Capital One recently opened its first airport lounge in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and has announced the opening of two more in Denver International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport in 2023.

Chase is also getting in the game as it’s announced that it’ll be launching its own line of airport lounges called Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club. Chase opened the doors to its first-ever airport lounge in Hong Kong International Airport on Oct. 25, 2022.

However, in terms of when a Chase Sapphire Lounge will open in the United States, Chase has hinted that it may occur sometime around the end of 2022. Although the details about these lounges’ design concepts are hard to find, the first location in the U.S. will probably be either Boston Logan International Airport or Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Let’s talk about what we know so far about Chase’s upcoming airport lounges: where they’ll be, what they’ll look like and how you can get into them.

Airport Lounges

Where Will Chase Airport Lounges Be Located?

Since Chase opened its Hong Kong lounge, it has begun laying the groundwork for several other locations, including Phoenix, Las Vegas and most recently announced Washington-Dulles.

In addition to Hong Kong, we know that Chase plans to open at least eight other locations under the name Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club. However, as of now, only six of these locations have been revealed. Here are the six U.S. airports where Chase lounges will definitely be built:

  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), located in Terminal B to C Connector
  • Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), located in Terminal 1, C Gates
  • New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA), located in Terminal B
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), located in Terminal 4 South 1
  • San Diego International Airport (SAN), located in Terminal 2 West
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), located in Terminal A

What Will Chase Airport Lounges Look Like?

Chase has released almost no details about the designs of its upcoming airport lounges. However, we do know that they’ll be built through a partnership with Airport Dimensions. This company currently operates more than two dozen lounges around the world, most of which are branded as “The Club” or “Club Aspire” and are largely accessible through the Priority Pass network.

So, if you’re already a Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholder, you can visit one of the lounges branded “The Club” or “Club Aspire” with your Priority Pass Select membership to get an idea of what Airport Dimensions’s design language looks like.

Chase’s lounges will most likely offer more upscale amenities than other Priority Pass lounges and include family rooms, business lounges, showers, and rest and wellness areas. And, while Chase has not revealed any specific plans for its locations, here’s what we know so far about some of the lounges.

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Hong Kong

Despite construction delays due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, the first-ever Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club opened its doors in Hong Kong International Airport.

The lounge is located in the West Hall of the International Departures area near Gate 40. The lounge is also accessible for passengers departing from the East Hall, either by a 10-to-15-minute walk or by shuttle.

The lounge is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. Apparently, there are plans to expand the operating hours in the future. However, there are no concrete details on exactly when this will happen or what the new hours will be.

The total area of the Hong Kong lounge is a whopping 11,948 square feet. This lounge wasn’t built from scratch but is an overhauled version of a preexisting The Club lounge.

The lounge features outlets for charging your devices, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, multiple televisions and access to magazines and newspapers. There’s also an à la carte food menu as well as a bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

According to a Chase spokesperson, the lounge was designed by “drawing inspiration from the host city through elements such as locally curated menus and art.”

Airport Lounge


Back in June 2021, Chase revealed that it had been approved to build a new lounge at Boston Logan International Airport. The massive 12,000-square-foot space will be located in the brand-new Terminal B to C connector, which was completed earlier in 2022.

According to documents from Massport (an independent public authority that owns and operates three of Boston’s airports), Airport Dimensions was given a 12-year lease with a $20.4 million capital investment.

This lounge is expected to include amenities, such as a wellness area, business lounge, shower suites and a family room. If Boston ends up being the location of Chase’s first lounge, it’s sure to make a big splash with how large and luxurious it’s expected to be.

This lounge was slated to open in early 2022. However, that time has passed and Chase has yet to say any more about when it’ll open the doors in Boston.

Las Vegas

The first hint that Chase would be building a lounge at the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport came in the form of public board documents from the Clark County Commission.

This lounge is set to be 4,500 square feet in area, which is rather small considering how many cardholders will probably have access to it. Chase’s lease is for a space that sits just past security in the C gates in Terminal 1.

This terminal is the primary home to Southwest Airlines’s operations at the airport. So, if you’re a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder and you’re flying Southwest in the next year or so, you’ll have a good chance to check out one of Chase’s new lounges.

New York-LaGuardia

Specific details about the upcoming Chase lounge at New York-LaGuardia Airport seem almost impossible to find. All that we really know at the moment is that it’s set to be in the new Terminal B, which opened as recently as January 2022.

This new terminal is also home to an Amex Centurion Lounge as well as some spacious hallways filled with public art.

New York City Skyline


The Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is set to be located in the new eighth concourse at Terminal 4, which just opened for business in the summer of 2022.

This concourse is the home of Southwest Airlines and is linked to the north concourses by a connector bridge. The north concourses include gates occupied by American Airlines, so you should be able to get to the Chase lounge fairly easily if you’re flying American out of Phoenix.

The space is set to be 3,500 square feet in area, which is also fairly small considering the expected traffic. However, the space was a hot ticket when it first opened for leasing. In fact, Chase had to beat out Capital One and Escape (in partnership with American Express) to get the lease agreement.

While there’s no set opening date for the Chase Lounge at Phoenix Airport, they’re expected to start construction and possibly even open this location some time in 2022.

San Diego

Airport Dimensions (in partnership with Chase) was awarded a contract to build a lounge in San Diego International Airport in November 2021. The space is a whopping 11,000 square feet and is located in Terminal 2 West.

This lounge will be located on the mezzanine level between Gates 46 and 47 as part of a 10-year lease with a $17.6 million capital investment. We can say with relative certainty that this lounge will be pretty ritzy when that kind of money is being poured into it.

Again, Chase had to compete for the lease agreement on this space, this time beating out Escape (in partnership with American Express), Plaza Premium Group and Aspire Lounge. It’s worth noting that Aspire Lounge is part of the Priority Pass network. So, if they had gotten the lease, Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers would have still had complimentary access to the lounge.

According to statements from the San Diego Airport Authority, this lounge is supposed to open around November 2023 and will feature “locally inspired design, local food, beverages and art partnerships.”


The most recent addition to Chase’s list of upcoming lounge locations is Washington Dulles International Airport (where Capital One will also be opening one of its lounges, reportedly, sometime in 2023). The Chase Sapphire Lounge is set to be around 5,200 square feet in size and will be located in Concourse A. This area is home to many different international airlines departing from Dulles Airport.

The lounge will supposedly include two levels, with the lower level being the larger one. There will be a bar, dining area, work area, family room, prayer room and kitchen.

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Who Will Be Allowed in Chase Lounges?

Chase’s new lounges, obviously, will be complimentary for the Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders. However, to get access to the lounge, you’ll need to activate your Priority Pass Select membership, a complimentary perk that comes with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Access to Chase lounges are expected to be complimentary for all members of Priority Pass (not just Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders), meaning that you may not even need a Chase card to get into the new Chase airport lounges for free.

Priority Pass membership is a perk offered by many different premium cards from many different issuers. Here are several cards that offer complimentary Priority Pass memberships:

As far as we can tell, any of these cards will get you complimentary access to the new Chase lounges through Priority Pass. Perhaps Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders will receive additional perks once inside the lounges, but that’s just speculation.

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The Bottom Line

American Express has dominated the world of credit card-branded airport lounges with its large network of Centurion Lounges for years and years. However, other issuers have begun to creep into this space by opening their own airport lounges, and competition in this area is definitely intensifying.

Recently Capital One opened its first lounge at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and it’s absolutely stunning. If that lounge is any indication, this arms race may be great for consumers as issuers will continue to try to outdo each other by making their lounges more and more luxurious.

Chase’s first airport lounge recently opened in Hong Kong, and it’s essentially just a facelifted version of a The Club lounge that was already in existence. If Chase wants to take a swing at Amex Centurion Lounges, then it’ll have to put more effort into its future locations.

However, with several locations set to open in the United States in late-2022 and 2023, time will tell whether Chase can become a legitimate player in the airport lounge space.